In the retail and ecommerce sectors of business, getting people to buy your products is obviously very important. If no one buys you products and all just browse your wares then you won’t be making much profit. To ensure do convert from prospects to customers, it is important that you make products appealing to incentivise people to buy them. The appeal can come from many different aspects like the visuals, the value or something completely detached from the product itself.

Visual Marketing

Visual merchandising is one of the many ways that people make products seem more appealing. In online marketing, hiring E-commerce photography Services is quite essential as the visual appeal of products greatly influences the purchaser. Besides photography, almost every shop, both physical and online, uses some facet of this and one of the best examples of this is the placement of products. Lots of businesses will place products they want to sell next to an expensive alternative to induce what is known as the contrast effect. This works in both eCommerce and in stores as they will see the two products near each other and will begin comparing them instinctively and will be more than likely go with the cheaper option. There may even be cheaper alternatives on the market but at that point they are only comparing those two and will think that they are getting a good deal.

Another example of this is how products are strategically placed in supermarkets. Large supermarket display their most popular products such a bread and milk at the back of the store. The reason they do this is so that in order to get to the essentials they have to go past every other product in the shop in the hopes that they pick up more items along the way.

Giving free treats

People don’t realise the effect of giving a free treat to customers actually has. It makes people happier with your company when they get something for free and creates a positive vibe of your brand. A lot of shops do this by offering a piece of chocolate or a sweet to customers when they enter will make them happier and less strict with their cash. Not only this but the effect of giving something for free as well makes a person feel like they are indebted to you and feel like they should make it up to you. It is subconsciously done in the customers mind and makes them more likely to spend more with you.

Increasing perceived value for money

There are a few ways you can easily increase the customers value for money that don’t hurt your profit too dearly. If they believe that the product they are buying is well worth the price they are paying, they are more likely to purchase. A lot of this is done by running discounts and sales that reduce the price of the product for a limited time. This increases the value for money as they will see they are getting the same product for less money, effectively making each penny buy more. Other deals also have this effect like buy two products for a discount. This also has the added benefit of persuading people to buy now instead of later to take advantage of the offer.

You can also increase the customer’s value for money by giving away free promotional products with every purchase of a product. This may convince them to buy something as if they see that they will get a free item as well by doing so and may do it to get that item specifically. It will persuade people to buy something if they are ‘on the fence’ about purchasing something too. This is a great alternative to discounts as promo merchandise is cheap and also provides the benefit of marketing to them in the future whenever they use them in the future.

Making the number smaller

Research has found that when a company makes the size of the number smaller when advertising their products, they usually get more sales of the item. This doesn’t mean actually decreasing the size of the text but doing various things to make reduce the amount of numbers of characters in the display price. For example, dropping the pound sign from the start of the number is one technique as well as displaying small prices in pennies and not pounds. These are all things that make the number appear smaller and thus make them subconsciously think that the price is smaller when you are just displaying the same amount.

Demos and getting their hands on the product

Describing the product or just seeing the product is a fairly effective way to convince someone to purchase but actually getting them holding the product in your hands is even more powerful. This is because when you only see or hear about a product it only gives you an idea of what the product is like and puts a lot of hope on how they imagine it to be. Giving them the product to hold, use and test out actually cements what the product is like in their mind and makes it easier for them to see how it will fit into their life. Plus it also assures them of the quality of the material and the ergonomics of the item. Holding the item in your hands also makes people more willing to pay for it. This can be done by letting them test out the item in store, send samples to customers or offering the ability to send it back with a full refund if they don’t like it.

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