General Power of Attorney is a legal document that delegates the power to make decision on your behalf on all business matters when you are not available. There are two types of POA forms including short and long form. The short form is the most popular form – it does not have any description for each power and it also cannot be used for planning estate power. The long form can be used to provide additional power for the agent and planning estate power.

You can buy the Power of Attorney form in the stores. If you prefer to fill in the form from your computer, you can consider getting a PDF editor software like Movavi PDF Editor that includes free general power of attorney form pdf templates. All the fields will be highlighted in the PDF editor so that you can easily see the spaces where you need to provide information.

You just put your cursor on the field and start typing the required information. You must not forget to save the form as you fill in each of blank fields. The software let you print out the form conveniently by pressing the print button on top. Before printing it out, go through all the fields and make sure all the information that you’ve provided is correct.

There are many situations why you will need a Power of Attorney. Sometimes, you come to a situation where you have to leave behind your business due to something coming up in your life. POA may be necessary in circumstances such as you are deployed overseas for a military duty, retirement, itinerary trips, medical operation, hospitalization and mentally unfit. It becomes necessary to assign someone to look after your business if you don’t have a spouse who can act on your behalf.

The Power of Attorney can have a broad or limited scope depending on the intention of the principal. The agent can make all sorts of financial decisions on your behalf, for example, he can help you sign the house closing document if you cannot be present at the time you sell the house.

Third parties like bank, and brokerage firms must acknowledge the power of attorney and regard the signature of the agent as your signature. They may require a verification process depending on the circumstances. He can help you to pay your bills when you are mentally or physically incapable to do so. If your account has insufficient funds to pay bills, you can direct the agent on selling specific assets.

In order for the POA to be effective, there must be at least 2 witnesses when you sign it and you must have it notarized. If you are still able to act by yourself, you can also sign the POA but gives the direction to the agent that he should only act on your behalf in the event that you become incapable to act for yourself.

You will still retain the ownership of your money and proper after giving the power of attorney. The only difference is that the agent has been given access to your finance. This is why it is important that you choose an person whom you’ve known for years and can be trusted to be your agent.

If you assign a dishonest person as agent, he may use the money in your account for his own purpose, for example buying stuff or selling your properties. It is hard to get back the money if you find out that your agent has cheated on you. Therefore, before signing, make sure you repeat the agent’s duties. You can use a revocation document to revoke the Power of Attorney. The revocation document will override all the power that was previously given to the agent.

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