When you set out to take you business on the road, you need to do more than just pick a great location. You also have to be prepared for the challenges ahead. As a small business owner, you are limited in both time and resources. You have to get your message out to prospects, give free consultations, and make sure you have all the bases covered before you go on a long journey.

The first challenge will be getting customers to come to you. This is a numbers game. The bigger your list, the more leads you will get. And that leads can be targeted in many ways. You could send them information about your products and services, or you could send them ads that emphasize some of your most attractive traits.

The next thing you have to do is build up a strong customer base in your home state. You can’t take you business on the road if people don’t know where you are. So make sure you’re doing plenty of advertising in your home state, too.

You have to make sure, when you get to a new place, that you have all the materials you need with you. That means taking your phone, your laptop, your business cards, and even your resume. You can even take your resume with you on the plane. You don’t want to look all sweaty as you get off the plane! Carry a few business cards with you so you can offer them to anyone who asks for them. Or leave one at your hotel if someone mentions it during your stay.

Make sure that you are well versed on the culture and local customs of any place you plan to visit. If there are people wearing native American dresses, don’t hesitate to ask how you can help them. That could turn into an entire afternoon of conversation! If you don’t know the language, make sure you study it soon before your trip, or at least be bilingual during your vacation.

Another thing to take into consideration is what type of transportation to use when you get to your destination. There are both good and bad ways of getting from one place to another. You want to be sure to pack lightly so you can get in and out of the most comfortable vehicles possible without having to carry anything with you that you wouldn’t normally be able to carry. Try to get a rental car, even if it’s going to cost you more than it would to rent a private vehicle. This way you can really get around town and see the sights.

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