Meeting people in a business environment is a vital component in forming a positive relationship, and as first impressions really do count, it makes sense to start how one means to go on, with a sleek, professional name card. A business card does several things, firstly it gives the recipient contact details, along with the name and position of the card holder. It is customary the world over to exchange business cards when first meeting, and it is always polite to make a comment or give a visual sign of approval when receiving someone’s business card.


Dare to be different

Business people are forever receiving business cards, and the chances are, the recipient will store it with hundreds of others within a few days, and in the event they require a service or product, will browse the cards, looking for a suitable contact. If one card is unusual for any reason, the chances are it will be selected in favour of the rest, the card holder will receive a call, and the business connection has been made. If one is looking for business cards in Perth, WA, an online search will reveal quality printers who can create the ideal card, whatever your business.

The right image

A well designed business card is like a suit that fits, it says something about a person, and the quality of the paper and print should be noticeable. Prominent marketing experts often say that the main objective of a business card is to strike a chord with the recipient, something that makes a connection between the cardholder and the recipient, and results in a business relationship being formed. If a person feels their current business card is a bit bland and needs a revamp, there are online printers that supply business cards throughout Western Australia, and with a range of materials and finishes, finding the right combination is not an issue.


This is the key to a striking card, and there are lots of ways to do this. It could be the shape, the material, even the scent, that makes it stand out, and choosing the right colours and shades will ensure that the card is well received. Of course, the card design would be very much determined by the holder’s profession. An architect or civil engineer should have something with clear, bold text that focuses on the name and position. Graphics are not advised, and a single colour would be ideal. A hairdresser or photographer might prefer to have some colour and graphics, in line with their industry, and a bold, flowing text would be suitable.

The right printer

One really wants a printer with the latest laser printing equipment. An established printing company would have a range of materials and with a resident design expert, the finished product would be a perfect complement for the holder.

The business card is a crucial first step in any business relationship, and that should be reflected in the design. Talk to the experts, and they can easily transform a concept into a card, and cement that professional image.

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