If you’re looking for more ways to become extra productive in your business but you’ve followed all the common tips and tricks to date, you might want to consider these alternative fengshui tips to liven up your office space and help make you more efficient at work. Whether you’re working in your own grand office space or you’ve got your own little cubicle at work, these tips can help you to relax at work, set your mind at ease and let the creative juices flow as your mind becomes more productive.

There are several basic and most common tips for any room design in fengshui. Below we take a look at the most important ones and how they can help to reorganise your office and your life.


Desk position

The position of your desk and where it relates to the rest of the room is one of the most important and simple things you can change in your office to help you at work. Just as a bed should face a door in a bedroom, so too should your desk be positioned in such a way that you can clearly see the door in your office. You’ll also want to have a strong background behind you or you may start to feel weak and tired at work. Either place your desk so that a full wall is behind you or place large ferns or other plants behind your workspace to increase your energy levels.

High energy imagery

For your office it’s very important to create an environment that’s uplifting and full of energy to give your mind a boost while you’re working. This will help to get you through the day without hitting so many of those low energy slumps we all get, especially around 3pm. Place some high energy art pieces around the room, whether works of art or décor items and desk accessories, they should be bold and create a sense of strong energy. This works especially well if the items hold some kind of sentimental value that gives you a sense of comfort and warmth. Bright, bubbly pictures of family can do this very well.


Power furniture

If you’re lucky enough to work in an office all your own, then you can really go to town with this tip. When choosing office furniture opt for bold pieces if you have enough space, a desk that says ‘I’m the boss’ will help make you feel in charge and control of your surroundings and work. A truly large office space or home office also calls for a lounge or chair, again opt for bold, retro pieces in funky colours. These work well for restoring your energy levels and can even give you a much needed boost if you need a short coffee break.

Air and greenery

Breathe air and light back into your office space with plants. Flowers work well for those pops of colour but will likely not last too long in an office environment. Instead opt for the greens. Ferns work well as they are hardy plants and their bright green leaves are cheery and vibrant. They’ll also help give a boost to the air quality in the room and make you feel more at peace throughout the day as though you’re stuck in an office for the majority of your time, they help you to still feel connected to nature.

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