Every once in a while we will receive a bad review online for a genuine mistake we may have made. Say our servers were down that day and a potential client was trying to get in touch to purchase a large amount of products, but they obviously couldn’t because our servers were down. To us that was out of our control, but to them we ignored all of their efforts to get in touch and lost out on a great client.

People mostly leave reviews when they are angry about something, so they aren’t always the most understanding methods of communication between people. Knowing how to handle the situation can be a really useful tool and you can actually benefit from this negative comment rather than let it badly affect the reputation of your business.

Weaken them with more positive reviews.

If you have a lot of good reviews, one bad one won’t mean much to people reading through. It can be rather tricky to get reviews, but there are some ways to encourage people to review your products without seeming to pushy.

Once a customer has received their item make sure you send a follow up email that friendly asks the customer to leave a review of their product. Make sure the email is light and warm hearted that has a personalised touch and is not intended to market anything. This helps build a stronger relationship with the customer, especially if you mention that you value their feedback.

People are 33% more likely to write a review on a Monday than a Sunday and the time that people write them the most is between 1-3pm. So think about this when you’re sending out follow up emails.

Respond to them well.

It is important not to write an angry response to a customer that is frustrated with your services as it is public and shows other customers how your company deals with conflict.

Keep calm and resolve the issue, making sure you do the following:

  • Own up to the mistake
  • Address the raised issues
  • Let them know that you’re improving on raised issues
  • Offer them something for the mistake.

Remember that the way you respond to a review will have an impact on the reputation of your business. Try and use a tone that sounds human and understanding and reflects the values of your company.

Remember, one bad view in a sea of good ones just makes you look human and you can show people how well you handle conflict in your response to the bad comment.

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