Becoming a driving instructor is one of the most profitable self-employed ventures out there. Young people are always in need of driving lessons, which are essential to passing the practical driving test and becoming a fully qualified driver in the UK. Because of this, driving instructors are always in very high demand, with more and more people choosing to opt for a qualified and experienced instructor rather than learning to drive with a friend or a family member. If you are a good driver and enjoy teaching others new things, starting your own business as a driving instructor could be a great new career option.

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Becoming a Driving Instructor

As a driving instructor, it is your job to teach learners how to drive and explain the different manoeuvres to them and how to conduct them.  As a driving instructor, you should be able to explain to your students the whole process of learning to drive. Share theory test practice resources like the Top Tests website, and show them how to best practice different manoeuvres before the practical test. It’s also your responsibility as an instructor to ensure that your students book their tests correctly and transport them to the test centre in order to take the test.

How to Get Qualified

In order to qualify as a driving instructor there are a number of criteria which you will need to meet. Your first step to becoming a qualified driving instructor and setting up your own driving school business is to register with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in order to apply for training as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). Once you have passed your application, you will then be admitted onto a training course which will provide you with all of the knowledge and skills that you need in order to start working as a driving instructor. You will also need to pass an additional driving test at the end of your course.

Marketing and Competition

Since the driving school industry is so heavily competitive, it’s important for driving instructors to pay a lot of attention to their business’ marketing efforts. As a new driving instructor starting out on your own, it’s hugely important to full understand your target audience and understand a lot of the competition which you will be up against. A lot of the time, learner drivers are young people who are looking to get a good deal on their driving lessons. When first starting out as an instructor, you will most likely need to offer great deals on prices in order to attract new custom and build a good reputation and pass rate. Find your customers by advertising in colleges and universities and on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Becoming a driving instructor can be a hugely rewarding and flexible job. With the right steps and strategy, you could be running your own driving school business in no time.

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