Filing for asylum can cost twice the average immigration case due to the amount of effort the case needs from your attorney. In the United States, attorney fees range from an estimate of $1500 to $8000. This fee depends on the type of case handled by your lawyer of choice. Most Green Card or Visa cases charges a flat rate of $1250 to $3000, provided that the case is in no rush and no additional requirements are needed.

These flat fee rates can change if there are any additional services apart from the proposed attorney action. Attorney fees are solely for the services offered by your lawyers and exclude the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) fees or additional court appearances issued by the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). Here are some overviews of where your attorney fees are based from.

Affirmative Asylum Application

An affirmative asylum process happens when you are not on the verge of deportation and withheld from removal. Unlike defensive asylum, the process in this type of application is less of a burden and slightly cheaper. When applying for affirmative asylum, a Form I-589 is needed to be submitted to the USCIS to schedule an interview. Your lawyer can assist you in filing your application up until you receive the department’s judgment on your case.

An attorney fee of $4000 can be charged for filing and preparing the application, work authorization request, USCIS confirmations regarding your case, your preparation before the interview, and the time committed by your lawyer to attend your interview. The estimated attorney fee may vary if an additional attorney’s action is needed to benefit your grant or required by the USCIS.

Defensive Asylum Application

A defensive asylum application is a process where you receive advice to be in court to defend yourself from being removed from the United States. This type of application is removal proceedings. It will require more legal assistance from your lawyer and expects to have a higher attorney fee.

Roughly $6000 can be charged for attorney actions of preparation and submitting request application, appearance in court hearings, preparation for Asylum Merits Hearing, and being your overall legal representative in the court. Due to more exposure to court hearings, as lawyers tend to charge based on their time commitment in a case, the fee leans on a higher price scale.

Asylum Petition for Relatives

Some asylum seekers often arrived at the port of entry with their family or relatives to seek a safe place to live in. Apart from the attorney fee for asylum ($4000 – $6000), you may file a petition for an asylum grant for your family or relatives. It can cost an estimate of $1500, three times lesser in price. The legal services involved would include preparing and filing an application for each family member and handling any USCIS requirements needed.


Overall, attorney fees vary on the services offered by the law firm or lawyers themselves. In general, Asylum needs a lot of assistance even before the interview or court appearance. It is why it’s recommended to have at least a feasible amount to hire a good one. For more information, ask an immigration lawyer near you.

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