So what makes a cooling tower work, besides having lots of electricity and plumbing? Every building that uses air conditioning is cooled via a thermal comfort factor.

The thermal comfort factor is the temperature at which the ambient temperature does not raise your core body temperature. The zone in between this temperature and the core body temperature is called the core.

So if you’re at 18°C outside and it’s 29°C in your office, and you can feel the humidity rising to 95% in your office, then it is perfectly cool for you to remain stationary in your office for two hours. You’ll even be pretty comfortable to be standing outside your office for two hours.

You’re not going to be burning your face and sticking your nose in a pile of snow, but you’ll be standing around the office feeling good about yourself for doing nothing.

Cooling Towers Use the Temperature of the Air in the Building

But the cooling tower only uses the temperature of the air in the building. It doesn’t use the ambient temperature outside.

The air in the building (the thermostat) is not 100% air. In fact, most of the air in your building isn’t even air at all. It’s some type of mix of air freshener and dehumidifier, drier air and warmer air.

Because the temperature in the building is not 100% air, you have to maintain the air temperature in the cooling tower to maintain the thermal comfort of the building.

How Cool Is This Cooling Tower?

This cooling tower is going to cool all the air in the building, so it’ll have to be pretty hot. So it’s at least 29°C.

You don’t want to use cooling tower parts that cool the air all the way down to 13°C. You want it to cool the air from 29°C down to 13°C. You can use the cooling tower to cool the air down to 13°C if you’re using it to cool down the air in your office for two hours.

But if you’re using a cooling tower that cools down the air in your office for 10 or more hours, then you’ll probably have to use the cooler to cool down the air inside the building, and not only the air inside the cooling tower.

Because even if you have cooled air in the cooling tower, if it’s 29°C outside, it will be at 18°C inside the cooling tower.

There are limits to cooling tower air temperatures, but cooling towers are more than a fair distance away from 29°C.

Cooling Towers Have a Heat Limit

So what exactly is the maximum temperature in your cooling tower? Well, you’ll get the air temperatures in your cooling tower to be 18°C. At that temperature, the cooling tower would be perfectly comfortable to be standing in.

But if you want the air temperature in your cooling tower to be 13°C, you’ll need to run the cooling tower for a lot of hours. That means you’ll need a bigger cooling tower. And you’ll want the air temperature to be around 13°C all the time. That way, you don’t have to cool the air from 29°C down to 13°C for ten or more hours.

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