If you’ve been earning money in whatever way for some time in your life, by now you should be fully aware of the fact that in order to manage your finances properly while giving yourself the chance to extend your earnings, you need to segment your finances. You need to come up with a financial segmentation strategy that best suits your unique financial situation, but generally a good allocation of your segmented finances goes something like:

30% spent on living expenses

20% spent on savings

20% spent on long-term investments

20% spent on medium-term investments

10% spent on high-risk investments

I really want to focus on the 10% which is to be allocated to high-risk investments as that is indeed the topic of this post, but before I do I have to clarify the reasons behind 20% being allocated to savings, which is a full 10% below living expenses and everybody knows that your savings should match your living expenses so that they can cover your living expenses in case of a financial emergency, right? Well with savings there’s the magic of interest, particularly compounded interest, which means you can make up that shortfall by just choosing your savings channels wisely.

So anyway, getting back to the high-risk investment and what to do with it — this is some money which you set aside to essentially take a big chance with. You really don’t mind losing this money and as mentioned before, you can adjust the percentage allocation according to your unique financial situation, so you might only be able to allocate 5% to your high-risk investments as opposed to the suggested 10%.

So what this all means is that this is 5-10% of your salary you really don’t mind losing, so naturally some activities such as gambling come to mind. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward and any winnings should be seen as a bonus, but it really doesn’t mean you can’t greatly improve your odds of winning, even though it is indeed some money you put into high-risk investments like gambling.

Stretch your high-risk investments budget

If you’re specifically into online casinos as a mechanism through which to take that chance with the money you’ve allocated to your high-risk investment portfolio, choosing the online gambling platforms you use wisely can stretch your budget by effectively doubling the amount of money you’ve set aside. If you take advantage of the Energy Casino promo for example, you can double the amount of money you fund your account with, thereby instantly increasing your odds of winning while stretching your budget.

Many online casinos offer this kind of bonus or sign up deposit-match bonus, so you can essentially double all of the money you’ve set aside for your online gambling endeavours.

Give yourself the best chance of “winning”

Additionally, you should make sure to give yourself the best odds of getting that high return that comes with higher-risk investments such as gambling, which in the case of online gambling would perhaps take the form of developing a betting strategy backed by statistical principles and then being consistent with your use of that strategy when you bet.

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