Every successful online retail business owner knows that the best way to turn one-stop shoppers into regular customers is by not betraying their trust. However, with many illegitimate online shops opening, customers are hard to sway if their trust was betrayed by another, the less-than-reputable online seller.

Customers want a guarantee that if something is wrong with their product, their purchase is backed-up by a reasonable return policy. This is exactly what separates a good company from their competition. Companies that ship overseas and have orders coming in from all around the globe enjoy their status because of their reasonable return policies.

Why You Need a Viable Return Policy

Returns may be tiresome but are a crucial part of e-commerce. A successful business should not try to fight this practice, but embrace and perfect it. Doing so will give you a chance to improve your customer experience and, in turn, gain more customers.

On the other hand, a bad return experience will result in hundreds of customers lost and thousands in wasted future sales. Customers who have to fight or pay for their right to return an item are not only going to avoid shopping at your site, they are going to be very vocal about it and alert others as well.

According to a survey conducted by the UPS, 66% of online shoppers check the return policy before ordering an item online. A stunning 15% will give up on the purchase if they cannot find or understand the company’s return policy.

A viable return policy and an easy way for your customers to exercise their right to return the purchased merchandise will help you build your brand’s reputation and trust among clients. This is crucial in closing a sale and expanding your business. If your return policies are good, you will retain your regular customers and gain new ones from referrals.

Some Items Need to Be Returned

A buyer is accustomed to trying on some types of items before they make a purchase. These include cosmetics, clothing and similar items. In a traditional, brick and mortar store, a customer can try on a piece of clothing to see if it fits them, if the material is soft and if they like how they look in it.

Online stores only offer a size sheet, pictures, and a description. You’ll agree that it’s not enough to base a decision on, especially since you don’t know how accurate the description is. By including a return policy you are addressing their reasonable concerns when it comes to purchasing items like clothing.

How to Build a User-Friendly Return Experience?

For starters, include a printed return label with your shipment. Or you can save a lot of paper and include a return section on your website, where customers can easily browse through their purchases and select the ones they need to return.

You should let your customers find the items they need to return, have them explain why and allow them to print out their return label. In turn, they will get the return label details along with your brand logo. If you show your customers that you offer an easy, reliable return policy, you are bound to see more conversions.

Finally, send a follow-up email asking the customers for feedback on their return experience. Use this information to improve your return policy and business practice.

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