Even though not as popular as its sibling, Twitter still has a lot of potential when it comes to marketing. If we’re only considering the fact that there are over 120 million unique visitors every month (expandedramblings.com) you understand why it’s a great way to find people who might be interested in your niche. This is one of the reasons why marketers are trying hard to create engaging and creative campaigns.

However, since the platform is quite simple and continues to promote simplicity, many marketers get stuck in finding new ways to engage the audience. We all know about hashtags and engaging in conversation, but there’s more to Twitter than this. Below we listed a few tips & tricks that may be extremely useful in boosting your campaign.


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Make use of the multimedia features

When it all began, Twitter was just about text. You only had 140 characters to express your opinion, create a campaign or promote a product. And this is extremely frustrating for a marketer who wants to represent his/her campaign the proper way.

While today we still have the insipid limit, Twitter did improve the platform and now offers multimedia support. Thus, you can use videos, images, and even GIFs to promote your business/product/campaign. So, if it were to consider the campaign for a physical therapy clinic site, you understand how multimedia features are a fantastic way to boost the conversion rate. Now, the marketer can reach out to patients using creative designs, videos, and even engaging GIFs that will definitely create more rumor and attract more traffic to their site.

Improve the way you communicate

You actually hear this everywhere: conversation is important in keeping the users engaged. While this is indeed true, on Twitter things are a bit different. According to specialists, the best way to attract people’s attention is to talk less and share more. People appreciate you more when you share useful links and keep them up to date with the latest events and news in your niche.

Don’t get the wrong idea: engaging people in conversations is still a viable technique, just it seems that users are more interested in the accounts that also share a great deal of links relevant to the niche.

Twitter parties

Have you ever heard of that? It’s a relatively new concept brought to life by bloggers who have children. It’s actually a get together on Twitter where participants share information, advice, links, talk about a common subject established by the host. Such an amazingly interactive event is definitely something a marketer can use to his/her advantage and must not be ignored.

Keep an eye on competitors

This is a fantastic piece of advice regardless of platform. However, on Twitter, you have the Advanced Search tool that will help you monitor the activity of your competitors. Using this tool you will see the hashtags used by the competition and you will even be able to find their customers. The search can be refined based on geographical specifications and even keywords.

As you can see, Twitter is also a great tool for creating a successful campaign. Still, if you are at the beginning, you might also be interested in some budget-friendly tips on how to start from scratch. The possibilities in the online world are extremely wide; you just have to know which ones go well with your business.

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