I meet with my mastermind once a month.  We sit down together for five hours to discuss our business (and personal) challenges.

This past week, I was the first to present. My challenge? My brand. I think it is time to grow (after all if you aren’t growing you’re dying). I think it is time to mature it. But how?

I presented my thoughts to my peers and they gave their feedback. RJ looked at me, and said “No offence, but your stuff is kinda goofy.” Ouch. That hurt.

My goal is not to be goofy, it is to be approachable.

That “ouch” moment is a gift. That is when a sore spot is exposed. That is the spot where growth needs to happen.

My job is to grow out of the goofy, yet be true to ensure I am approachable.  Pedestals are definitely not for me, nor is trying to lead people off an island dressed like Gilligan.

What makes you go ouch?  Grow there.

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