While owning your own property on which you would conduct your business is a great way for you to build its equity, sometimes this is just too expensive especially if your business is just a start-up. This is why leasing properties and spaces, such as renting a rental property on McGrath, is becoming more and more popular for new businesses.


Renting an office space for your business has a couple of perks that outweighs the advantages of owning the location of your business. This advantage could help you get your business on its feet, at the same time you have more money to spend on other assets to further increase the competitive edge of your business. Here are some of the advantages of renting spaces compared to buying the property:

Flexibility of the terms.

Renting provides flexibility as the business grows. In renting a business space, the owner is not locked into property ownership. Which means, the owner is not responsible for all aspects of managing the space like finances, repairs, security, maintenance, and improvements, thereby reducing the owner’s focus on its properties and instead focus on the business.

Also, in renting business space, the owner and the landlord are open for negotiation. For all businesses don’t know what the future holds, it is ideal to rent a space. The business may boom, forcing the owner to make a premature sale on the premise in case it was bought. But in renting, you have the chance to agree with the landlord in terms of the length of the rent, and end the lease if you need relocation.

Less financial burden on the owner.

Renting premises benefits the owner and the business itself. Financial aspect is the affected largely by this decision. For a start, renting space is the ideal deal-breaker. It does not require huge amount of capital to spend in the upfront costs in owning a space. This will give the owner a better use of their money for different parts of business activities and processes.

Not tying up the money for real estate costs allows the owner to grab opportunities that opens it to the market.  And for one thing, renting a space usually has an agreement which includes time frame aspects. In case you need to relocate, the expenses for renting ends with the moment the contract ends, unlike of owning a space, you’ll need to handle the sale of the space that you bought for the business, with a possibility of depreciation costs.

Maintaining a rental space is easier.

Since the building manager takes care of the maintenance of your rental space, you have to worry less about maintenance cost. Through a rental space, you save on a lot of expenses as well as time managing the space. This extra savings could also go towards building other assets that are useful for the company.

Once you get your business on its feet and it booms, then that is the perfect time for you to consider buying a permanent location for your business. But until then, renting the space is the most ideal choice for your business.

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