Retailers, are there products on your shelves that simply aren’t moving? Do you pass by these shelves every day wishing you could replace those products with something else that you are sure will sell faster? The problem is, you don’t want to remove the products completely because then they won’t sell at all and you won’t get a return on your investment.  Well, here’s a solution — dump bins.

Dump bins can help you clear shelf space in your store without removing products from your customers’ view. Dumpbins can also help you move merchandise that is not selling by putting it front and center in the space where your customers walk, where they can’t help but see it.

Benefits of Using Dump Bins

If you don’t know, dump bins are huge wire baskets situated on wheels that sit in the middle of retail floor space. There’s no shelving; you just dump products into it, set some signage above it letting customers know what is in the dump bin and how much it costs, and then wait for customers to see it. The benefit of it is that, since it is placed in the customers’ walking space, they are forced to look at it in order to navigate around it, thus bringing more attention to your older, slow-selling products. Another benefit for the retailer is that he doesn’t have to use up valuable shelf space on these products.

While much of retail shopping needs good organization, a dump bin goes in the exact opposite direction — no organization whatsoever, which is what makes this such a novel approach for presenting products to customers.

Dump bins encourage impulse purchases and maximize cross-selling opportunities. They are excellent for displaying items that are oddly shaped or hard to stack. They can also be used near the checkout line or near exits and entrances, giving the customer one extra opportunity to buy.

How to Use Dump Bins

Many stores use dump bins at the end of major holiday seasons such as Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to get rid of leftover holiday-themed products. Chocolates for Valentine’s and Easter, candy for Halloween, and decorations for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Dump bins interrupt the usually heavy flow of foot traffic during this time, ensuring they catch the eye of many shoppers. In-between these seasons, dump bins allow stores to maximize every available inch of floor space. By moving dump bins around, they can become a consistent surprise for customers — popping up and engaging the customer when they least expect it.

The construction of the dump bin is sturdy but lightweight and easy to move. They are durable and can hold up under the weight of products and roughness from bargain shoppers hunting for deals. They are easy and simple to set up and take down. Some dump bins have adjustable shelves which can be raised or lowered to accommodate different amounts or sizes of products, or to make the dump bin look fuller if desired. Dump bins work best when paired with signage indicating that the products in the bin are on sale or are about to sell out. Even shoppers who would not ordinarily buy whatever is offered in the dump bin will pause to take a look.

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