Advancement in all of life’s spheres appears to be the sole reason for our existence as the human race and testimony to this is the various departments of our lives where we are forced into some sort of competition.

We all want better careers, we all want to earn more money, we all want to take more holidays, we all want more free time to relax and do more of the things we love doing, etc. Reaching a stage where that sought-after advancement is realized though, seems to be the preserve of a select few, even in the wake of the secret to advancement and success being an open one. Perhaps we all know that the secret to success, as a result of advancement, comes from pushing the boundaries and constantly testing perceived boundaries to discover new realms.

Now, testing boundaries does not have to be viewed in the sense of stepping on toes or undermining the authority of your immediate superiors. No. Testing the boundaries can take the form of taking some initiative and suggesting new and improved ways of tackling age-old problems and methodologies. How many times have you found yourself in a situation of regret, as a direct result of your hesitation, in a scenario where your perceived boundaries weren’t all that clear and yet you did nothing to even assert those boundaries, only to have someone else take that initiative and reap the rewards that were seemingly right there for your taking?

The worst that could happen is an authoritative figure calling you back into line, when you push the limits of your perceived boundaries, but the best that could happen is the discovery of the fact that those boundaries are in actual fact a lot more flexible than you imagined. A greater world of more possibilities is often within reach, as a direct result of validating your perceived boundaries and not being afraid of the occasional “You’re going too far” call-to-order.

Whether it’s a social or professional setup in which you’d like to develop your skill of testing boundaries, how you would go about approaching it depends largely on how people in your networks have become accustomed to you. Think about it; someone whom everybody knows to be a “little crazy” or who can be described to be unorthodox is likely the one person everyone already expects to push the boundaries. If it’s in the workplace, often this is the person who is encouraged to approach the authoritative figures in representation of everyone’s concerns.

Everyone has become accustomed to them being that way. As a result, if you’re not known to be like that then it’ll be much more challenging for you to suddenly start testing the boundaries, but that’s how you grow and develop. If we can use the gaming industry as an analogy, that’s how bugs and glitches are discovered by avid gamers, some of whom even make a career out of what is meant to be the leisurely pastime of gaming.

You might step on a few toes on the quest, but testing boundaries is a proven way to get ahead.

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