Without a website for your business, you might as well not exist. Not you personally, but your business. If that sounds a touch harsh, then consider the alternatives for your marketing and information presence. Well, there aren’t any really in these days of uber-connectivity.

You need to make your website work for you, and as technology, algorithms for search engines, and new ways of presenting content continue to evolve, you need to keep not just in touch with the game but also ahead of it when you can.

Your website is your window to the world

Consider this: let’s imagine that you are a start-up, which you may be, and you don’t think that a website is important as you get going. It’s surprising that there are still those who think that. You can produce lovingly crafted brochures, but once they’re printed, that’s it. You can’t change them until you decide to print different ones, with the expense that occurs.

Your website is not a brochure. It may act like a brochure, but in fact it should be a work in constant progress. You’ll start it and get the information out there, but you’ll never finish it because the best websites are constantly updated with new products, new ideas, the cost of services or products, ways to contact your company, and FAQs so that potential clients and customers don’t have to email or phone for information when they encounter your site.

It’s not called the World Wide Web for nothing. Your ideas can reach hundreds of millions of people as well as businesses that might like to engage your services, so you have to make your business website, in the American vernacular, kick ass.

Analytics can be key

Knowing how many people visit your website helps you determine if you are providing the right information and are able to be easily found by search engines. You need to know how people are finding your site, if traffic is increasing or decreasing, the number of pages they looked at, what they looked at, and many more aspects of what your website offers.

Is your site responsive in terms of your business being easily contactable with a rapid response rate? Anyone who has emailed global communications companies or tried to phone them knows what a nightmare that can be.

By putting an analysis program on your site, you can access all this information and have a history that can be accessed when you need it in the future.

Get your visuals right

With over a billion websites in the world, you need to stand out to get noticed. You may well have a superb product or service, but if nobody knows about it, then you have a problem. Websites are a fusion of sharp text that’s easy to read (think how your background and text colors work, as well as an attractive layout for ease of navigation) and great visuals.

It’s not difficult to forget, in among all the other things that you have to deal with when running a business, that the visual aspect of your website is an essential part of drawing people to your site and keeping them there long enough that they will be intrigued and want to engage.

Your visuals therefore need to be good to draw the eye and give your potential customers the confidence that you know what you are doing. This is where stock imagery can make a significant difference to how your website looks and the professional feel that it gives off, especially for casual browsers who have a short attention span.

It’s where you can examine options for your visuals that you think will specifically work for what you want to communicate, and can be serious, entertaining, or even a little bit out of the loop. It’s up to you what you want to choose and how you want to portray your business, and sometimes a light-hearted image can make someone smile and then go further into your website.

It’s important to keep your imagery fresh, to ensure that your content is regularly updated, and that the graphics make everything as easy to read as possible.

Social media

Add links to your Twitter and Facebook business feeds and any other social media that you use. Social media is a powerful tool, so use it well and, if you’re not sure about the best way to use it, get advice from a professional who knows how it will work to your best advantage.

In the end, be proactive, be open to new ideas, and keep your website a vibrant and up-to-date marketing tool for your business.

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