When you simply go to work and get your job done, even if you are the only one that ever gets your job done, you are still less likely to even get noticed by your boss. Simply doing only what your job calls for is never enough and it will hold you behind.

If you like your position at work that is fine, just keep doing what you are doing. However, if you want to impress the boss and possibly get a raise or promotion you are going to have to be dedicated to the job and do everything that you can to be noticed.

Go Above And Beyond


Do the things no one else wants to do. Even if you feel like you are crunched for time, if you can manage to do something extra that everyone else keeps putting aside your boss is likely to notice that you are a go getter and want to get the job done.

Don’t do it if you don’t feel like you can get it done on time or put your best work into it though. Then instead of impressing the boss sincerely you’ll look like you’re trying too hard and maybe even set yourself and the company back.

Be Their Right Hand Man (Or Woman)

Prove that you love your job and show dedication by always getting to work early and getting down to business once you punch the clock. People seem to show up late all the time and still keep their jobs, but it’s unlikely those will be the first ones in line when it comes time to hand out promotions.

Being to work early and making sure that your work day is planned out shows your boss that you actually like your job and that you care about being successful and getting your work done, and done on time.


Always Keep Learning

Don’t settle for only learning what you need to know on the job. Instead, strive to learn everything you possibly can, not just about your job or the next job up on the ladder rung, but also about the company and business itself.

Nothing makes a boss happier than finding out their employees have been doing their homework and have a sincere interest in the company, not just the paycheck they take home with them.

Take Control Of The Situation When Needed

While the last thing you want to do is step on anyone’s toes, especially the boss, sometimes the higher ups fall short and someone needs to pick up their slack. If you know what to do to get the ball rolling again, do it.

If you do it in a way that shows your concern for the company and don’t gloat about it you can continue looking like the good employee that just wanted to help out, but you’ll know that you caught people’s attention and you just may find it gets you farther into your career path a little bit faster.

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