It’s widely acknowledged that to be truly successful in business; you need to be open to building a working and friendly network of people around you. Your network is a source of support and advice and will present you with myriad opportunities to collaborate and outsource some of your work when the going gets tough or when your demand increases beyond your resource capacity. All of these things dramatically boost your productivity. This article looks at the four main ways in which networking can be of productive use to you and your company as a whole.

  1. Specialist Advice 

Even if you’re lucky enough to have the world’s most talented team working for you, you’ll still not have all the required experience to help your business take off.

Each area of the business world contains specialists who’re more adept at specific capabilities than you and your team, and as such, it’s good to keep the individuals as close as you can. They’ll be your sources of specialist advice when you’re struggling over a particular decision, or you’re wondering how exactly to execute a particular plan. Advice is free in business, so long as you know how to ask for it.

  1. Outsourcing Opportunities 

Most businesses don’t experience a perfectly steady stream of demand from which to plan their resource capacity. There will be peaks and troughs, and it’s up to each and every company to decide how they prepare for those peaks that outstrip their ability to supply.

At those times, having a network of freelancers, agencies and other companies that occupy your space will be critical. It’ll help you quickly plan strategies to overcome busy periods, and it’ll help you build stronger bonds with your network when you’re providing them with business and trade too.

  1. Employment Boosts 

A strong and diverse network will also always be there in case you’re looking to hire a new, talented individual without going through the lengthy hiring process that many smaller companies tend to try to avoid.

By consulting your network, you’ll be able to find individuals who’ll be a perfect fit for your company, and whose track record and personal abilities you can genuinely trust. Never be afraid to make a business proposal to someone in your network. It may well capture their imagination, and they may be persuaded to join your team, saving you the time, money and energy that traditional hiring techniques require.

  1. Co-Working Productivity 

Smaller businesses are not able to occupy full office spaces, and as such, many elects to inhabit cowering spaces in which many other small business or startups are plying their trade. You’ll be able to find alluring and exciting examples of such establishments online at

The wonderful thing about these spaces is the networking that comes naturally from spending five days a week working in the same space as other businesses. It’s not rare for such spaces to be hotspots of creativity, imagination, and collaboration, with each business pooling its resources to help the other when it’s mutually beneficial to do so.

Networking provides an undoubted boost to your productivity, and this guide maps out the four main reasons why this is the case.

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