Entrepreneurial efforts in the world have been on the rise for many years.  Individual success and self-motivated business management have changed the way we think of business.  With a plethora of media outlets like YouTube, Facebook, and the internet in general, the opportunity to generate self-made income is boundless.  


In an ever-changing world of commerce, young entrepreneurs are finding new ways to provide needed services.  Creativity is a major driving force behind a truly unique entrepreneurial endeavour.  Think outside of the box.  Check out a few of these rising alternative career paths for the new year, and get ready to work.

Create a YouTube channel/blog

YouTube is coming up on its tenth birthday, and has recently become a legit place to create a career.  The platform provides access to millions of homes all over the world, and there is no degree required to begin streaming.  There is not even much of an age requirement.  Just hit record.  

Of course, not everyone can make money on YouTube, but it is not an unattainable goal.  Over 50 percent of the top 100 channels on YouTube were created by people with no industry ties or experience.  

Blogging has also quickly become a profitable outlet for aspiring writers with lots to say.  Blogs can specialize in one or many areas of information, or they can simply be an exciting semblance of an ongoing memoir.  Whatever the focus, a well-written blog can lead to significant income.  

Become a freelance writer/artist

While an education does help in this arena, becoming a freelance writer does not technically require any sort of degree.  The field is wide, and there are countless opportunities for employment.  As a freelancer, contract work is a way of life.  This affords the writer the ability to live life, travel, and still maintain a steady income.  

The internet it littered with tips and tutorials that will teach the ins and outs of the freelance industry.  With enough time spent and motivation, almost anyone can build their resume in the field of writing and earn a respectable income.  

Ministerial work in churches

It may seem a bit outlandish to expect to make a living doing ministerial work, but time has changed the way churches work.  Some of the highest paid people in the world began their journey in “the ministry.”  Youth leaders, missionaries, pastors, and worship leaders are often paid for their work with the church.  What used to be unpaid positions in the church are, more often than not, now being paid a manageable salary.   Money has become a strong force among religion, and churches are being built bigger and better every year.  Doing good in the world is no longer a penniless endeavour.  

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