Whether you are looking for your first job, want to change career or simply fancy trying something new then it is important that you make yourself as employable as possible. Whatever your current position, making yourself a more employable prospect brings a lot of benefits, and increases your self-worth. It’s essential to stand out from the crowd but how are you going to do that? Here are five of our top tips:


1) Be flexible and mobile – The more flexible you are, the more employable you are to a potential new boss. So don’t apply for a night shift job if you’ve got children to look after and can’t arrange childcare. Find a position that fits into your life and your personal needs. Many employers nowadays also expect their staff to be able to travel. Obviously you’ll need to be able to get to work but you may also need to drive to different shops or branches in order to cover or attend meetings. If you haven’t got your licence already, do so.

2) Embrace social mediaSocial media has a huge presence in the employment and recruitment sector. If you are on social media platforms (if you aren’t, you probably should be) build yourself a strong profile and you could greatly increase your chances of landing your dream job or moving up the ranks at your current company. If you’re on LinkedIn then make sure your profile is up-to-date and correct as this can improve your employment prospects. Recruitment agencies regularly look on LinkedIn for suitable candidates so make sure you’re ripe to be picked up by them. Also be warned not to put too much – particularly embarrassing personal material – on your social network page as this could come back to haunt you later when prospective employers check your profiles.

3) Create an eye-catching CV – For many positions that you apply for you will be expected to send in a CV, or Curriculum Vitae, as well as an application form. Before you send this out to potential employers make sure that all the information contained in it is up-to-date and get someone to proof read it to ensure there are no spelling mistakes. Make sure your references are current and check they are aware they may be contacted by your potential new employer. To make your CV eye-catching keep it short (no more than two pages), use powerful and strong verbs and keep the sections clearly organised.

4) Personal presentation – First impressions count, and looking sharp can only help. Dressing smartly around your office will set you apart from others around you and might help you move up that ladder. Similarly, it’s good to think about what to wear for an interview, and make a good impression in the interviewer’s mind. As the phrase goes “you never get a second opportunity to make a first impression” so you have to make sure it counts.

5) Up-skill yourself – If you are lucky enough to have a very supportive current employer then request to attend training courses. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have that then be proactive and use some of your spare time to go on training courses or meetings that will benefit you in the long run. More qualification will equal a better proposition for recruiters.

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