In the true spirit of what our original mission and aim was all about, we bring you some invaluable, practical information that can really help you take your business to where you want it to be and where it has the potential to be. This time our focus is on the fashion industry, specifically targeting fashion retailers, brands and any key player presiding over any form of digital marketing within the fashion industry.

Certified Google Partner, Mediaworks has created and published a whitepaper which highlights the key digital trends all set to impact the fashion industry over the months to come, particularly retailers. The award-winning digital media marketing agency conducted extensive analysis of the digital landscape as it exists today, with their team of industry experts having identified a considerable number of areas in which opportunity is emerging for fashion brands. As a result, some invaluable advice has been made available on exactly how to go about combating threats and strengthening the digital profile of your brand.

As a key player with its finger on the very pulse of digital marketing trends, the insider knowledge made public becomes that much more valuable in that its interpretation is clarified in a manner which offers tangible value digital marketing managers in the fashion industry can actually use to their advantage.

With that said, perhaps the most notable stat revealed and explored is that of the UK’s clothing, footwear and accessories market estimated to be worth £50 billion, with a significant shift in how consumers buy their fashion items becoming evident over the years. Consumers are moving away from traditional shopping channels and moving more towards the online space.

In fact, current projections indicate that by 2020, 28.8% of sales in fashion will be made online, which is indeed a huge portion of the UK’s total fashion expenditure.

That’s all good and well and you could perhaps have stumbled upon this research yourself as digital marketing expert if you looked hard and long enough, but the published Mediaworks whitepaper demonstrates its value through its expert analysis of how these identified trends tie in with the manner in which digital media experts do their work. This is where digital media experts earn their money and in this case if that is what you identify as, you’ve stumbled upon some digital media gold!

Five key areas of opportunities have been identified in the whitepaper, namely Ranking with RankBrain, Mastering Mobile, Basket Engagement, Social Sales, and Google Shopping.

To briefly touch on the gist of these discussed opportunity areas, it’s merely a matter of moving away from traditional search and focussing more on using Google’s machine-learning AI system to optimise your search engine rankings, making sure your site is mobile ready in line with the growing trend of consumers researching and buying using their mobile devices, limiting basket abandonment, selling socially, and taking full advantage of what Google Shopping can do to boost your sales.

If you want the full low-down on the details of these five areas of opportunities discussed, you can download the full whitepaper at:

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