In this global age, the odds of surviving a tough competition and keeping the business running aren’t that great, a fact that is strongly supported by statistics as well. According to an article by Forbes, eight out of ten businesses fail. Some sources even go as far as suggesting that a vast majority of businesses shut down before reaching their first anniversary. To minimize the risk of meeting this fate, it’s important for you to make the most out of your available resources, especially employees.This unfortunately is easier said than done. Uncommitted and disengaged, employees see little point in giving their hundred percent at work, using that time instead to read news and stream videos online, socialize, and maybe even generate extra money using access to free internet and web-connected devices given to them for work purposes. With its most crucial resource failing to get its priorities straight and consequently underperforming, a business is bound to crash. This is precisely why experts have been highlighting the importance of deploying employing monitoring solutions like Mobistealth at workplaces. Being able to know how exactly employees are utilizing their time at work and what they’re really doing online can really help in managing them better and getting the desired output from them, which in turn can help the business stay afloat. Let’s take a closer look at the role employee monitoring plays in ensuring this.


A Strong Line of Defense

Nothing kills a business more swiftly than corrupt employees. Driven by greed, revenge, or something equally malicious, they stab the very source of their bread and butter to make it bleed to death or suffer a heavy setback. The most common form of attack is data leakage, which involves leaking sensitive information pertaining to business strategy, operations, and products/services to a third party, usually a competitor. Round-the-clock access to web-connected devices in today’s day and age has escalated the risk to a whole new level, making businesses more vulnerable than ever. Employee monitoring gives your business a chance against these snitches and snakes by letting you guard the channels through which information could possibly be leaked. Stabbing the business becomes a lot harder with a vigilant guard on the job.

Smoothens Rough Edges

There are a few issues that almost every business runs into at one point or another, e.g. poor employee performance, lower profits, abuse of company-owned devices, lack of loyalty, inadequate organizational commitment, etc. Now, it’s really up to the employers on how they overcome these challenges and turn the weaknesses identified into strengths, and eventually a competitive advantage. What most employers fail to realize is that a fine-tuned employee monitoring system can do wonders in this regard. For instance, employee monitoring tools expose those employees who abuse company-owned devices. This creates a sense of accountability on the part of employees, who then start working efficiently in order to avoid getting caught wasting time online. Various studies have concluded that monitoring the digital behavior of employees increases their performance and improves the quality of products/services, which in turn boosts business profits.

Takes Business to New Heights

Employers have to spend a major portion of their time handling and resolving issues related to employees. These issues may include but are not limited to misconduct, Internet abuse, data theft, etc. This distracts them from focusing on other areas that are also important for the survival and long-term success of the business. Employee monitoring eases your burden by keeping tabs on employees’ activities, especially the digital ones, so that you can dedicate a greater chunk of your time and energy to searching for and grabbing new opportunities, overcoming weaknesses, responding to threats, etc.

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