Is your website not showing up in the first page of the Google search engine result pages? If answered yes, your potential customer might not even know about your existence online. What’s the use of creating and planning a website for your company which doesn’t show up on the first page of the search engine results? and look right here for How to choose the right keywords for SEO.


Your efforts are all going into vain! Better visibility in search engines can be important to boost the number of visitors to your website and this, in turn, leads to increased brand awareness and higher profit and sales. But in case you suffer from a lack of technical expertise to enhance your site’s search engine ranking, what are you supposed to do? Don’t you think it is necessary for you to hire a nyc seo expert or one that is local to you? But hey, before you take the plunge, here are some vital questions that you need to ask. Check them out.

  1. Can you provide me with a list of your past and present clients?

If you’re interviewing a reputable SEO consultant, he should be open enough to share with you a list of the past and the present clients with their contact information so that you may check whether or not they were satisfied with his services. Through such references, you can easily be able to determine how effective the SEO consultant is and you can also verify whether or not he actually worked with the mentioned SEO campaigns. This will help you make a clearer decision about hiring him and utilizing his services. This is particularly crucial if you’re looking for SEO services for a specific brand or business, such as Amazon. Firms like SERP Co (to know more, click on may be able to assist you with improving the Google ranking.

  1. What strategies will you use to enhance my website’s search engine ranking?

As you ask this question to the search engine marketer, if you don’t receive free discussion of his ideas and strategies, steer clear of that person. They should freely discuss their strategies which they would use in order to drive the search engine ranking of your website and also give you a clear estimate of the time that he will take in order to achieve certain SEO campaigning goals. He should also give a technical review to your website in order to point out the problems which could lower your ranking.

  1. Are you aware of the webmaster guidelines from Google?

Don’t you think that it is always better to hire a consultant who abides by the webmaster best practices under the guidelines? These practices prohibit 12 SEO tricks strictly including generation of spammy content and adding some unnecessary links and texts. When a candidate doesn’t follow such guidelines, your website might just rank somewhere low in the search engine results. Google could even ban it from search engine result pages altogether.

Hence, before hiring SEO experts for your company, make sure you ask them the right questions so that you get to know the consequences of hiring them. Don’t be fooled by their presence and wit as they’re most often trained to deceive you.

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