If you don’t have the budget to do both, it can be tough to decide what you need to focus on: traditional methods of marketing or digital. To help you make the decision, leaflet distribution specialist Direct Letterbox Marketing has provided us with some research on the types of industries that get the best results from different types of marketing. Find your industry from the examples below…

Who should be doing direct marketing?

Startups has analysed brands’ door drop marketing campaigns and praised the following door-drop campaigns. They fell into very consumer-focussed sectors, such as food and drink:

Freeview HD. To encourage sign-ups, Freeview HD designed materials with a pink feather door-drop to promote the quality of high-definition viewing.

Domino’s. Domino’s plans door drops so they land around paydays and in more affluent areas that can afford their products. Door drops are their second most effective form of marketing, after TV advertising.

Wyevale Garden Centres. This campaign used customer data to promote memberships and promote products and services targeting customer interests first.

Other industries that benefit from direct mail, according to Target Marketing Magazine, include financial businesses, telecom and cable, clubs and associations, as well as insurance.

Who should be doing email marketing?

Email marketing has a significant place in marketing campaigns for a number of industries. The 2016 Email Industry Census identified the top six sectors in a survey for using email marketing:

  • Charities, Government and Not-For-Profit organisations. ROI rated as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ by 84% of industry respondents.
  • Travel & Hospitality. ROI rated as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ by 83% of industry respondents.
  • Retail/Mail Order. ROI rated as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ by 82% of industry respondents.
  • Print/Publishing & Media. ROI rated as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ by 77% of industry respondents.
  • Financial Services & Insurance. ROI rated as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ by 76% of industry respondents.
  • Technology & Telecoms. ROI rated as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ by 66% of industry respondents.

Who should be doing social media marketing?

Analysis from Social Media Today has identified some of the industries that benefit most from social media marketing. They include:

  1. Education – recruiting students for universities and colleges.
  2. Retail – engaging with existing and new customers and sharing promotions and offers.
  3. Food and drink – sharing attractive images of food and drink.
  4. Fashion – interacting with influencers, such as food bloggers.
  5. Entertainment – sharing entertainment news and gossip is often successful.
  6. Real Estate – creating a catalogue of properties to peruse.
  7. Marketing – social media is used by 96% of marketers, with video being the most popular content.


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