How to take your business from local to global

All businesses start small – look at Apple for example! Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak dropped out of college with an idea for a video terminal in 1975. 40 years later and they are one of the most well recognised brands across the world. Naturally though, it takes a lot of hard work to achieve this level of success, and to get your business from seen as local to building up an international client base. To take your product to an international level, you need to find a foreign market that could be easy for you to enter (deals in your native language for example), and then apply the same business model that you did back when you were focusing on local markets. Once you have achieved success within a new region, you can then reach out to other foreign markets one at a time.

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Wake Up With the Business Mindset

Wake up before everyone else.

Most successful people will tell you that the best way to win a race is to start running while everyone is still tying their shoelaces. Getting up even a couple of minutes before everyone else gives you a head start on a potentially productive day, and this carries on even further than that. Soon the concept of getting a head start becomes so natural that it begins to develop in different aspects of your life. Continue reading “Wake Up With the Business Mindset”

Mega-lender Wonga hires new CEO for its South African business

Giants of the payday loan industry are in the midst of sweeping changes at the company. After the departure of three company veterans in the last couple of years, their South Africa operation (formerly run by company founder Errol Damelin among others such as Jonty and Kevin Hurwitz) has hired a new CEO named Brett van Aswegen. He joins the company at an important time, and doubtless he’s had a lot on his plate since starting in May for one of the world’s leading providers – have served their loans online to over 1 million South Africans.

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A Winding Path to Success

Success rarely comes easily. It is very rare to meet an entrepreneur who sets up their first business and becomes a success. The vast majority have tried multiple ways of making money before they are successful.

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Advance Your IT Networking Career – CCNA Certifications

Anyone working in the field of Information Technology knows that you need to have an entrepreneurial spirit in order to succeed. Technology is advancing at the speed of light and if you want to always be assured of being in demand, it is essential to think well outside the box. One thing this may mean is staying ahead of other techies with the latest training in your field.

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4 Careers Available with an Art Degree

Do you enjoy letting your creative juices flow and making a masterpiece? Find yourself sketching every chance you get? If so, you may be a prime candidate for an art degree. Getting to pursue a job in the field you love and are passionate about is everyone’s dream. Included here are a few opportunities available to you if you choose to pursue a career in the fine arts.

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3 Small Changes To Make Today For A Healthier You

Almost everyone can think of a way that they can be healthier in life, whether it’s quitting smoking, eating less sugar, or being more active. But while we know how important all of these things are, making big changes in your daily routine is much harder than you may think.

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