3 Ways to Make Running a Business More Manageable

Running your own business should never be easy. You should always be trying to strive for improvement. When your business starts to feel out of control, this is when you should stop and think. After all, not only does this have an effect of you, but also your employees and customers as well. This is why it’s so important to take the necessary steps in making your business more manageable as soon as the cracks start to appear. Continue reading “3 Ways to Make Running a Business More Manageable”

Employees’ health in the workplace: what can affect it?

All employers have a responsibility to ensure that the workplace is a safe environment for employees. Looking after your employees’ health is important, as a healthy workforce will be a more productive workforce. A study has estimated that unhealthy workplaces cost America $130 billion and result in 125,000 deaths each year. Continue reading “Employees’ health in the workplace: what can affect it?”

Professional Negligence – What it is and How it Affects You

When paying for a service, whether it is a construction job, professional advice, bookkeeping or anything similar, you provide payment in the form of money in exchange for a service that is completed to a professional standard. We expect good service for every product we pay for, or at the very least reasonable service. So what happens when we don’t receive the service we pay for, in fact very much the opposite? In these cases such incidents are referred to as ‘professional negligence’. Continue reading “Professional Negligence – What it is and How it Affects You”

Does Coffee Really Make the Business World Go Round? Absolutely!

What is a company’s best resource? Hopefully, you said “People.” If you did, you understand the secret of success, at least when it comes to running a company.  Continue reading “Does Coffee Really Make the Business World Go Round? Absolutely!”

The Art of Securing High-End Clients in Business



As a business owner or work-in-progress entrepreneur, you’re aware of the importance of forming relationships with your repeat customers. It doesn’t matter if they frequent your services several times a year, or several times a month – by fostering a good environment during your interactions, if they remain customers for a long time, then they multiply the customer-acquisition expense several times over. Continue reading “The Art of Securing High-End Clients in Business”

Career Spotlight: Becoming a Mental Health Nurse

Recently in the news there have been increasing calls for better awareness and treatment of mental health conditions in the UK – something that is sadly coming too late for most. The Royal College of Nursing states that 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental health condition, and the time for training in the sector has never been riper. If you take an interest in mental health or are considering a career change, read on.

Continue reading “Career Spotlight: Becoming a Mental Health Nurse”

Building Brand through Customer Experience

No matter how big or how small a company is, building brand is of vital importance if you expect to grow your market share. Although there are a multitude of ways in which marketing firms can help you build a name for yourself (brand) and advertise what you are all about, there is nothing better than shared customer experience to authenticate your brand.

Continue reading “Building Brand through Customer Experience”

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