Improving education in manufacturing and engineering

Contributing a significantly large sum towards the UK economy, the engineering and manufacturing sectors rely on their skilled employees to continue their hard work. In 2014 alone, the engineering sectors contributed an estimated £455.6 billion to Gross Domestic Product – 27% of the total UK GDP. They are also responsible for an estimated 5.7 million jobs in the UK – 19% of the total UK employment. Continue reading “Improving education in manufacturing and engineering”

Businesses That Stand the Test of Time

There are so many stats about how many businesses fail which I could quote right now, but we’re more about exploring solutions as opposed to highlighting problems here. So to counteract what is generally a negative approach to reporting on the non(success) of new businesses, I’m going to bring into focus some of the key characteristics which have become apparent from our observation of those businesses that have stood the test of time. Continue reading “Businesses That Stand the Test of Time”

4 Reasons to Include a Tie Loop with Your Custom Tie

A tie loop, which is sometimes called a ‘keeper’, sits behind the wide section of your tie. When you put on the garment, you slip the narrow end through it to prevent it coming loose. It’s the sort of thing you might forget to include with your order of custom ties, but the simple tie loop comes with quite a few advantages, and here are just four. Continue reading “4 Reasons to Include a Tie Loop with Your Custom Tie”

Why is it important to retain staff?

It’s important to retain your staff when running a business, and it doesn’t matter whether your business is large or small. Losing staff members is not only disruptive, but it’s also costly and time-consuming to find new staff and train them. Together with Nisbets, specialists in catering equipment, we assess how to retain employees within a business, and why the leave when things appear to be going wrong. Continue reading “Why is it important to retain staff?”

Positive Knowledge for Positive Business Movement

When it comes to maintaining positive business movement, continuing your education in a way that absorbs definite knowledge is always going to benefit you, the people around you, your business, and the clients and customers you come in contact with. As soon as you become stagnant in your desire to learn more about the business world, you will start to become less competitive.

Continue reading “Positive Knowledge for Positive Business Movement”

3 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Engaged At Work

If you’re a business owner, one of the best contributors for the ultimate success of your business is to hire good employees. When you have good people working for you, it allows you to focus more on the big picture of your business and less on the day-to-day tasks. However, even the best of employees can begin slipping with their work or determination if they don’t feel engaged at the workplace. Luckily, there are things you as an employer can do to help bring the spark back to your employees and help them feel inspired. To show you how, here are three tips for keeping your employees engaged at work. Continue reading “3 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Engaged At Work”

How to implement new technologies for your legal team

Halebury have significant experience of working with in-house legal teams to implement IT projects, and have identified two of the main causes for the failure of technology implementation projects as poor project management and a lack of communication. In order to avoid these problems from the start, planning is key. Continue reading “How to implement new technologies for your legal team”

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