Is Your HR Management More of an Overhead than it Should Be?

As businesses expand, there are some elements that come into being almost organically, without being strategically planned. Managing HR can be one of those. Businesses tend to feel there are certain things they ‘should have’ to be a proper company, and an HR person or team is one of those – however it can often look to members of other teams like HR is just there to create bureaucracy that actually costs everyone time and doesn’t benefit the business.

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Boom in Serviced Office Popularity Means Benefits for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

Serviced offices provide virtually everything a start-up business or sole entrepreneur could need from a workspace. They can give an air of prestige, an image of professionalism, and can also help to keep overall running costs down. What’s more, strategic use of serviced offices means that the businesses that use these buildings can even group together and create a formidable strategic partnership.
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Four Ways To Impress Your Boss

When you simply go to work and get your job done, even if you are the only one that ever gets your job done, you are still less likely to even get noticed by your boss. Simply doing only what your job calls for is never enough and it will hold you behind.

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Keeping Your Staff Happy and Motivated

When you hear someone say ‘people are a company’s most important resource’ what do you think? Do you think it sounds cheesy or that it is so true?

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A Snapshot of the Asian Economy: Singapore

More than thousands of years ago the continent of Asia had the most developed economy in the world. In fact, more than two thirds of the world’s entire output depended on Asian countries. Of course, with the industrial revolution and the rise of the U.S. along with Western Europe, Asia suffered a great impact, bringing its output to only one fifth.

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How to Keep Your Staff on Top Form

Ensuring your staff are working at their best possible level can be a hard thing to achieve and measure. This is important for any company to become successful in the first place but it’s also just as essential to maintain the same standards and not let them drop. There are many ways different businesses achieve this, with certain methods more appropriate for particular sectors.

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