What is the difference between trading and investing?

To someone who is new to trading and investing, they can sometimes be seen to be the same thing; both are methods of attempting to make a profit, however their methodology is very different. It should be noted that neither are guaranteed to make a profit, and unfortunately sometimes you can run at a loss. The fundamental difference is in relation to the actual ownership of assets Continue reading “What is the difference between trading and investing?”

Tips for Investing in Commercial Property

The property market is booming at the moment, with house prices constantly going through the roof. This is making plenty of landlords a lot of money, especially in desirable areas such as London, but it also means there is a lot of competition. Another area that is seeing a resurgence is the commercial property market. Continue reading “Tips for Investing in Commercial Property”

Determining the True Value of Your Investments

An investment can be loosely defined to be some sort of financial commitment you make with the aim of achieving specific financial goals in the future. A good investment is indeed one which rewards you greatly for sticking to that commitment, but should the need arise, you should be able to have access to the value accumulated as part of your contributions so far. NFT Jewelry investments via blockchain technology, for example, are found to be an investment with true value, as you can liquidate for a good value at any time, with a mouse click. Continue reading “Determining the True Value of Your Investments”

5 Reasons You Should Consider Investing Internationally


When you finally get the hang of being a bit savvier with your money and you’ve learned to spend less than you make, the generally low returns you get from saving your excess will very quickly have you considering investing over traditional saving. When considering a number of investments to put your money into, two very important questions arise: “Should you consider investing internationally?” and “When do you need an offshore bank account?” Continue reading “5 Reasons You Should Consider Investing Internationally”

Investing in diamonds; the new gold

Making investments for the future is about finding the next big thing to jump in price. For a number of years, gold has been king when it comes to the value of precious metal assets but thoughts are now turning to the new kid on the block for where the smart money is predicted to be going; diamonds. Continue reading “Investing in diamonds; the new gold”

Building a Property Portfolio To Secure Your Financial Future


With interest rates remaining low for the past few years people are looking for alternative solutions to grow their wealth. Continue reading “Building a Property Portfolio To Secure Your Financial Future”

Tips for first time buyers in the UK

Purchasing a property for the first time can be a stressful and emotional experience. But, by considering these tips for first time buyers in the UK, you can ensure that the experience is as positive as possible. Continue reading “Tips for first time buyers in the UK”

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