3 Ways To Improve Your ROI For Online Marketing Campaigns

While having an effective marketing strategy is vital for the growth of your business, sometimes it can be hard to know which of your marketing efforts are really making a difference and which ones you could afford to scrap. Luckily, with online marketing, there’s so much data available that determining these answers is often easier than with other forms of marketing.

That being said, it can still be a challenge to know if the time, money, and effort you’re putting in is really having a good return for you. So to help you boost these numbers, here are three ways you can improve your ROI for your online marketing campaigns. 

Know How To Use Your Data

Just because you’re being given data for the marketing efforts you’re putting in online doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll know how to best use that data to your advantage in making future marketing decisions.

To help you with this, the Digital Marketing Institute recommends that you take the time to really learn about all the data you’re gathering and how that data can then be used for planning and executing marketing objectives in the future. By fully utilizing this data, you may be able to make some adjustments that could heavily impact your ROI from here on out. 

Focus On The Right Metrics

When you’re looking at the data you’ve gathered from your marketing efforts, it’s important that you spend your time focusing on the right metrics rather than the ones that you think sound most alluring. 

For example, Neil Patel, an online marketing guru, shares that while people are worried about things like their Twitter followers or how many views they’re getting on their blog, you should really be concerned with metrics like how much engagement you’re getting and what your cost per acquisition is. By focusing on the right metrics, you’ll be better able to focus your attention where it counts, especially with content marketing. And since there is typically a higher ROI with content marketing, this will be well worth your time. 

Run A/B Tests To Find What’s Most Effective

Once you think you’ve been able to find some areas where you can tweak to improve your ROI, it’s time to put your hypothesis to the test.

To best do this, David Gasparyan, a contributor to Business.com, recommends that you try running A/B tests to see what changes really are having an effect on your marketing success. With the information you glean from these tests, you’ll be able to get closer and closer to the optimal formula for a great ROI for your business. 

If you’re wanting to improve the ROI for your online marketing campaigns, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you accomplish this objective.

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Expensive UK renovations: how much is invested into business refurbishment projects?

Expensive UK renovations: how much is invested into business refurbishment projects?

The interior design and functionality of a building have great effects on the people within it. From a consumer perspective, shop features such as colour and floor plan can impact on sales, while an employee’s rate of productivity may decrease if they have to work in badly lit, uninspiring rooms.

In the UK, we’re big fans of renovating. According to the Interior Refurbishment and Fit-Out Market Report: 2014-2018, the sector was valued at more than £7.1 billion and across the country, businesses, hotels, public buildings and office spaces are continually being refurbished and updated to stay current and enhance the overall aesthetic.

But which are the most expensive refurbishment projects in the UK and why is the sector so important to us in the first place?

The importance of refurbishing

The refurbishment sector deals with a wide range of industries. From schools and department stores to hospitals and office spaces, all buildings require maintenance and updating at some point. But is there more behind the profitability of the refurbishment sector?

Particularly for the hospitality sector, a refurbishment isn’t just about the occasional booking of a cherry picker to deal with that overdue maintenance job, or updating the basics. In a world that’s increasingly digital, where deals are found in a heartbeat, hotels are finding that they need to do more than offer a comfortable room for their guests.

Big Hospitality notes that hotels are having to find new ways to stand out from the crowd, including new experiences and features such as workshops and tasting events. In order to host such events, the industry has had to increase their refurbishing spending; in 2016, the UK hotel industry had upped their expenditure on such ventures by 57%. For many, it isn’t a case of trying to compete with the cut-price world of online deals. Rather, they are seeking to stay competitive in terms of what they can offer.

The most expensive refurbishment projects

2018 has seen many expensive refurbishment projects begin, from football stadiums to famous clock towers. Randstad complied a list of the most expensive refurbishments of the year, the most expensive of which are:

  • Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium — the 62,000-seater stadium was due to be finished in September this year, but has fallen behind schedule. The estimated cost of this new stadium is £750 million-£1 billion, and includes a 40m high Sky Lounge, premium seating with views of the players in the tunnel, an in-house bakery, a retractable pitch, and heated seats complete with USB ports.
  • Battersea Power Station Regeneration — estimated to cost £9 billion, the regeneration of this iconic part of London’s silhouette will see 250 retail units created, as well as an events venue and park. Plus, plans extend to create office spaces and 4,200 new homes.
  • Crossrail — the biggest addition to the London rail network in years, Crossrail is an east-west underground tunnel costing an estimated £14.8 billion. There are conflicting reports on how smoothly the project is going, however, with rail minister Jo Johnson saying in July that the project was over 90% complete and Crossrail stating they need more time.

Overhauling education

Beyond catering to customers, the UK is also seeing huge amounts of money invested into the future of its education. In particular, the University of Glasgow has begun a £1 billion expansion project of its grounds. With plans for a new business school, learning hub, and research facility, along with higher accessibility, the University’s huge refurbishment and development project is born from a hope to better support its research and post-graduate capabilities in the wake of the “two degrees” generation who feel a bachelor’s degree is no longer enough.


As we continue to see money poured in to refurbishment projects across every sector, we will no doubt see the facilities and experiences offered by the country grow.











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Why can traders not maintain a winning streak in Forex?

Have you ever seen any trader who has maintained winning records uninterrupted for a long time? We bet you have not seen any trader and it is also not possible in an industry where the trends change every time. This article will tell you what the reasons are behind traders losing their money and not being able to win all the time. We know from our experience that people have ups and downs in their lives. Life is like a ride on a roller coaster that is going to take on different journeys every time. It is you who is going to decide when to take control of your lives and start living the life that you have dreamed. Though the trends changes, there are few traders who maintain the winning streak. They also have lost and it may seem that this industry is impossible to win. The truth is revealed in this article and you will know after reading why this winning streak breaks for even the professional traders.

Trading is all about probability. You can’t find any real progress unless you understand how this market works. First of all, you have to understand why the retail traders are losing money. Most of the new traders in the UK don’t know how to manage their losing trades. After facing some big loss they become frustrated and try to recover their loss with a big lot size trade. But this is not the perfect way of trading.

You have to learn the proper art of technical analysis. This will help you to find the best trade setups in your trading platform. As a new trader, you can never make any real progress unless you know the details of your trading platform. So try to think smart and develop a valid trading strategy. Never rely on other people since this system doesn’t work at all. Most importantly keep learning new things to become a profitable trader.

The trends are unpredictable

The first thing that breaks the streak is the volatility of the market trends. The trends are important and traders wait for them to be favorable in their position. Many people have not mastered the art of trading with the trend and place wrong trades. The unpredictability of the trends also makes them hard for people to guess the correct future trends. It is also hard for the professional traders and it is the reason that breaks their winning streak.

The volatility of the market

Volatility always exists in Forex. You cannot imagine what it feels like to trade with thousands of news and information around you if you have not deposited money. Traders always put their capital at risks when they invest and volatility break their winning streak. For the professional traders, they may wait for many hours to get the perfect trend but novice people do not that benefit. They trade in volatilities and changing of the trends lose their investment. The unpredictability of the trend and volatility are not the same. You have time and plan to prepare for the upcoming trends but when it comes to volatility, anything can happen.

Becoming overconfident

Traders become overconfident after some wins. This is why they start trading without their plans thinking they have developed the wisdom to analyze the chart. They do not use the indicators and rely on their basic intuition. Never become overconfident as this industry is older than you. It has surprises waiting for you at every step. All the investors and even the brokers will agree that this industry never stops to surprise them in their career. When they think it has become a boring job, the industry shows some actions that you were not expecting and they have to start all over again. Always be hungry to learn more and this is how you can manage to keep up your winning trades.

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