Chill Insurance secures Aaran Insurances acquisition

Online insurance broker Chill has announced the acquisition of Dublin-based broker Aaran Insurances. Chill, which has annual revenues of nearly €24 million (£20.7 million), has been experiencing considerable growth – and this latest move is designed to help further strengthen its market share.

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Pension mis selling is almost becoming one of the biggest scandals in the United Kingdom due to increasing numbers of unauthorized introducers. A research done by the Financial Conduct Authority has revealed that out of 8 people who sort financial advice within the last 1 year, one was mis sold a pension product. As a result, insurers and advisers stand paying at least £6 billion as compensation to the retirement savers. Continue reading “MIS-SOLD PENSION WITH CHERISH WEALTH MANAGEMENT”

The benefits of a bridging loan

If you’ve considered bridge finance as a possible means of financial support, here are just some of the ways it can help you

Bridge loans, residential or commercial, can act as an effective means of short-term finance when you need it the most. Unlike more traditional methods of financial support like a mortgage, bridge finance offers you funding quickly in order to cover a gap in your finances or provide the money you need to take advantage of a short-lived opportunity. Continue reading “The benefits of a bridging loan”

Things you need to know as a currency trader

There is no need for the traders to place their trades every once in a while. It has to be with proper planning and the traders will also need to give their best to the trades. Only, then there will be good returns from the trading approaches. The market analysis will have to be done properly by the traders to ensure the trades in the markets. Before that, the traders will have to make some proper preparations from their side to the trades. In this article, we are going to talk on that with more details. Our main concern would be to save yours from investing in too much trades for earning more profits from the markets. Instead, if you can manage the trading process less frequently and with more time, there will be good profits coming to your trading account. So, do not let the trades to be too much of a mess for yourself. Continue reading “Things you need to know as a currency trader”

5 simple ways your small business can save money

Financing your small business is crucial to its success. Statistics show that four in ten small companies don’t make it past the five year mark, with one of the main setbacks being financial difficulties. By the time you factor in startup costs, employee payments, and materials, your small business is starting to rack up large costs. However, saving money within your small business can be achieved, and it doesn’t always require a lot of time or effort. In many cases, you can reduce the costs in your small business by making smarter choices when deciding how to use your funds. Nonetheless, safeguarding strategies should not be overlooked merely because they incur some form of cost. A failure to invest in disaster recovery in Denver when operating during the digital age might be considered a mistake by some people. Continue reading “5 simple ways your small business can save money”

Tips for getting your new business on a sound financial footing

From the moment you open your business, you begin balancing your entrepreneurial dreams on an unsteady tightrope. You need to make sure they don’t fall to their demise due to the costs of your business, whether that be bills, your employees’ pay, the cost of insurance or your other financial obligations. If you are concerned about how you can keep your business financially secure, and even how to start expanding it, then here are some ideas that you should consider implementing.

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The Winds of Change: What Are the New Changes to ERISA’s Disability Claims?

When you become disabled, the last thing you want to have to deal with is more regulations and paperwork, but unfortunately it is a necessary evil in order for you to receive the compensation you’re entitled to. That can become even more complicated when regulations that have been in place for years undergo changes. Continue reading “The Winds of Change: What Are the New Changes to ERISA’s Disability Claims?”

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