Be a Better Entrepreneur by Shopping Smarter

In navigating a complex business world, it’s good to have a guide.  Not in a traditional sense, like a sherpa, or someone to tell you the answer to every question, but a reliable source of information (person, website, etc.) to help put you on the right path or clear up murky decision-making waters.  Because businesses don’t operate in a vacuum, not mine, and assuredly not yours.  You need to be aware of the economic climate, yes; interest rates, corporate tax rates in your state, other payroll expenses and deductions, and many many more.  But you also need to be aware of the market that you serve, and to do that means understanding people. Continue reading “Be a Better Entrepreneur by Shopping Smarter”

Hong Kong Debuts Workplace Inclusion Index to Honor LGBT-Friendly Businesses

Increasing diversity is a global concern, as illustrated by the very important work performed by Community Business. This not-for-profit organization is dedicated to promoting diversity within workplaces all over Asia, which resulted in the creation of Hong Kong’s first ever Workplace Inclusion Index. Interested companies were welcomed to make submissions to the group, who then carefully evaluated the level of diversity within each business based on a set of specific criteria. Continue reading “Hong Kong Debuts Workplace Inclusion Index to Honor LGBT-Friendly Businesses”

How the internet saved these 5 industries from business debt

The internet has had an enormous impact on everyone and on businesses most of all. For those that started out more than 20 years ago, before the gigantic global reach of the net, the struggle to adapt has been hard. Their businesses may have started out with a broad customer base in their local jurisdictions, but while other businesses have learnt to use the internet to increase their global reach, they have floundered and experienced business debt. Learning to use the internet to your advantage isn’t easy, but once achieved the advantages are enormous.
Continue reading “How the internet saved these 5 industries from business debt”

What Your Business Should Know about Payroll Companies

It’s hardly surprising that an accurate payroll is likely to be just one of the many rusty cogs in a badly oiled company’s machinery – but employees in any organisation expect to be paid the right amount and at the right time.

Continue reading “What Your Business Should Know about Payroll Companies”

The Businessman’s Guide To Smart Gambling

Life is not all work and no play. Sometimes, even the most astute of entrepreneurs need to indulge themselves in a bit of fun here and there. And for those of us who enjoy the thrill of dice or the adrenalin rush of a good poker match, casinos are out go-to haven. However, given the fact that a lot of people have lost inordinate sums of money to the gambling machine, you might find yourself a bit leery of the gambling activities casinos have to offer. There’s no need to worry yourself, though. With a bit of discipline and following these tips, you can enjoy your occasional casino visit like any smart businessman would. Continue reading “The Businessman’s Guide To Smart Gambling”


The inter net is absolutely awesome. Let’s face it – EVERYBODY thinks so. Over the past few decades its worldwide domination has become more prominent than ever as literally billions of people now have access to the alternate electronic universe that we now have available at the palm of our hands. Anything you can do in real life, you can do on the internet…well, I suppose that’s a bit of a fabrication, it’s probably more accurate to say that anything you can do in real life, you can do a version of on the internet. The real trick is, that some of the things you can do in real life, you can actually do more successfully on the internet…most people would apply this logic to dating, but in actual fact, making money is essentially easier, and definitely has the capability to be far more successful than your efforts at attaining it in real life. Continue reading “INNOVATIVE WAYS TO EARN EXTRA MONEY ONLINE”



You don’t have to go into debt, compromise quality or performance to cut business costs. There are significant ways to save money without compromise. How? Most of the techniques revolve around “productivity transfer,” where you get the same results by using alternative resources at a lower cost point. Here’s how:


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