Tips in Financially Preparing for Another Health Crisis

We won’t know when another financial crisis will hit us. No one expected this pandemic to happen. Most people felt shocked when it suddenly placed everything to a halt. The worst part is that everyone got forced to stay away from others. It led to the closure of businesses across industries. Employees also got fired since business owners couldn’t afford to pay the wages. While we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s not yet over. There’s also no guarantee that another health crisis won’t be on the horizon soon. If you were among the people severely hit by the financial impact of the pandemic, here are some tips to help you prepare.

Talk to experts

You got caught off guard since you had zero preparation for the pandemic. You were confident that you had a job and money would come into your account at the end of the month. However, when your employer let you go, you ended up with nothing. Hence, it makes sense if you start consulting with finance experts. They will tell you how to avoid another financial disaster in the future. You can’t control your employer’s decisions, but you can control what you do with your finances. You may check out Fingerprint Financial Planning if you need advice from people who will help you be more financially stable.

Start by saving a portion of your income

You didn’t have sufficient savings to weather the health crisis because you don’t intentionally place your money on a savings account. When you receive your paycheck, try to automate your savings. Spend the rest on your remaining expenses. You can’t start by paying the bills first and leave whatever remains to your savings. This attitude left you without anything in your bank account during the health crisis, and you can’t let it happen again.

Invest in health insurance

Apart from losing their jobs, people also got kicked off their employer’s health insurance. Hence, paying the hospital bills was a challenge to many. It’s also the reason why this crisis led to unnecessary deaths. Instead of going to the hospital, people decided to stay home until it was too late. If you get ill in the future, you know that health insurance can cover the cost. You can, therefore, decide to have a health care plan provided by IEHP that can help you tackle medically necessary situations. Medically necessary situations call for services that are needed to protect you and your family members from becoming seriously ill and disabled. Life is quite uncertain; that is why it becomes imperative to be prepared at all times. So, why not try this out–health plan from IEHP?

Don’t spend too much

Determine the things that you need and spend your money on them. Let go of the unnecessary expenses. Instead of spending your money, invest it. Then, you can use it during the rainy days. While it’s risky to invest, it’s better than spending it on things you will quickly consume.

Hopefully, these tips will prepare you for another health crisis. You can’t let yourself get caught off guard again. You already experienced the challenges of not having anything amid a pandemic. If something similar happens again, at least now you know what to do. You won’t panic even if you lose your primary income source. Instead, stay optimistic and work hard to have sufficient savings.


The General Differences Between Corporate Tax And Personal Income Tax

The US corporate tax rate is not affected by the profit tax, but the corporate profits tax as a percentage of national income is the highest since World War II. Profitable companies paid 12.6% of global income in US income taxes in 2010, according to the Government Accountability Office. A Citizens for Tax Justice survey of 288 companies, including most Fortune 500 companies, from the most profitable years from 2008 to 2012 found that they paid an average Federal effective tax rate of 19.4% over that time period.

In the Union, taxes are generally dealt with by the state and so each case can be as unique as the way those casino bonus CA platforms operate.

By 2021, the state’s highest corporate tax rates will range from 25 percent in North Carolina to 99 percent in Pennsylvania. As a share of general state and municipal revenue, corporate taxes are much lower than the share of property taxes, general sales tax and individual income taxes. Local governments collect about $8 billion in revenue from these taxes, which is less than 1% of local general revenue.

Because state and local taxes are deductible as federal income tax expenditures, the effective rate of the state tax is not a simple addition to the federal and state tax rates. Even if a state does not levy corporation tax, it can levy other taxes that are similar. For example, Washington State does not tax income but a B and O tax (corporate and employment tax) and the higher tax burden is calculated as a percentage of revenue and not as a percentage of net income, which is pre-tax corporate income.

There are a number of different personal taxes that individuals pay such as property taxes, income taxes and more. Many individual income taxes are progressive, meaning that the tax rate rises when the taxpayer’s “income rises, causing higher earners to pay a larger part of the income tax than lower earners. Personal tax is a tax paid by employees by withholding the pay cheques they receive from their employers.

For example, the tax rates that the self-employed apply are similar to your personal tax rate. The US, for example, imposes income tax rates ranging from 10% to 37%, which apply to certain income limits, as described below.

There are some big differences between individual tax rates and companies in order to determine how much you owe to the government. At lower income levels (incomes between $40,000 and $100,000), there is no significant difference in taxes between individuals and corporations. At higher levels (above $50,000), there is a corporate tax and a personal tax.

By contrast, partnerships, sole proprietorships, S-Companies and limited liability companies (LLCs) are not taxable on corporate profits because they are passed on to their owners who state the company’s income or loss in their personal tax returns. For most U.S. companies, including sole proprietorships and certain eligible companies, their owners are included in the allocation of part of their profits (known as transit income) of their taxable income to individual income tax. If your business will generate significant income, you can use S Corporation status instead of taxing your LLC as a partnership.

How Much are Attorney Fees for Asylum?

Filing for asylum can cost twice the average immigration case due to the amount of effort the case needs from your attorney. In the United States, attorney fees range from an estimate of $1500 to $8000. This fee depends on the type of case handled by your lawyer of choice. Most Green Card or Visa cases charges a flat rate of $1250 to $3000, provided that the case is in no rush and no additional requirements are needed.

These flat fee rates can change if there are any additional services apart from the proposed attorney action. Attorney fees are solely for the services offered by your lawyers and exclude the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) fees or additional court appearances issued by the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). Here are some overviews of where your attorney fees are based from.

Affirmative Asylum Application

An affirmative asylum process happens when you are not on the verge of deportation and withheld from removal. Unlike defensive asylum, the process in this type of application is less of a burden and slightly cheaper. When applying for affirmative asylum, a Form I-589 is needed to be submitted to the USCIS to schedule an interview. Your lawyer can assist you in filing your application up until you receive the department’s judgment on your case.

An attorney fee of $4000 can be charged for filing and preparing the application, work authorization request, USCIS confirmations regarding your case, your preparation before the interview, and the time committed by your lawyer to attend your interview. The estimated attorney fee may vary if an additional attorney’s action is needed to benefit your grant or required by the USCIS.

Defensive Asylum Application

A defensive asylum application is a process where you receive advice to be in court to defend yourself from being removed from the United States. This type of application is removal proceedings. It will require more legal assistance from your lawyer and expects to have a higher attorney fee.

Roughly $6000 can be charged for attorney actions of preparation and submitting request application, appearance in court hearings, preparation for Asylum Merits Hearing, and being your overall legal representative in the court. Due to more exposure to court hearings, as lawyers tend to charge based on their time commitment in a case, the fee leans on a higher price scale.

Asylum Petition for Relatives

Some asylum seekers often arrived at the port of entry with their family or relatives to seek a safe place to live in. Apart from the attorney fee for asylum ($4000 – $6000), you may file a petition for an asylum grant for your family or relatives. It can cost an estimate of $1500, three times lesser in price. The legal services involved would include preparing and filing an application for each family member and handling any USCIS requirements needed.


Overall, attorney fees vary on the services offered by the law firm or lawyers themselves. In general, Asylum needs a lot of assistance even before the interview or court appearance. It is why it’s recommended to have at least a feasible amount to hire a good one. For more information, ask an immigration lawyer near you.

The controversy of indicators in options market

Many people do not understand that using indicators do not always help in the expected situation. While the brokers main advertise them as one of the best tools to identify the probable trends in the forex market, certain limitations block them to become useful as they are promised. Many professionals do not like to use them at all as the thing this will slow down the processing system and will take significant hire time to analyses where the train will probably end up in the future. Every coin has two sides and indicators in the trading platform are no exception. If you are a beginner, this article will be helpful to decide whether a person should spend time using variable services indicators to find out the price movement. There is no guarantee that the result will be as expected. However, investors still find it helpful to use any assistance before investing capital.

Indicators do not indicate the changes in real-time

This is the biggest problem of using such sophisticated tools. This sector is online and every transaction is traded live over the counter, traders need to act swiftly to get their hands on the favorable trend before it passes away. Many complain that they are not getting the output simultaneously when it is happening on the chart. All instruments for analysis are based on existing situations, this is always a few minutes later then the scenario. It takes significantly longer amount to illustrate the small volatility that has appeared a few minutes ago, which subsequently decreases the quality of your performance.

We have found hundreds of professionals who are doing pretty well without these instruments as they rely on their strategy to analyze the existing trends and find out the dominant price movement from the information available on the market. Remember, using any plan will not result in a profitable outcome as long as it is not being practiced properly in the demo account. Instruments are only a small way to give yourself a boost but they are not helpful in the long run especially for traders who want a consistent outcome. By the time this shows something has moved from point A to point B, it might have already accelerated to point C without your notice. For this unprecedented outcomes, many like to willfully ignore this assistance as they are aware of their lag.

Using indicators like a pro

Though indicator is not that useful to many traders, it can act as an excellent filter. Thousands of traders at Saxo depends on simple indicators reading to analyze the quality of the trade setup. It might sound ridiculous but ask yourself whether you truly know the proper use of the indicator. The most obvious answer will be known. Before you take any trade, you should ask yourself and spend time to learn the perfect use of the indicator. It might seem very challenging, but once you get used to the core of the market, you will be able to build a strong skill which will help you to use indicators in an effective way.

Slow down the process of taking financial decisions

Volatility does not stay on the chat forever and neither do favorable price movements. When a person is using his formula to analyze the potentials of a certain pattern, there is more chance to succeed as it does not incorporate unnecessary hindrance. Raw information processing is the fastest way to reach a definitive conclusion in Forex. Many communities talked about how to correctly identify a dominant pattern without the use of indicators. When you are managing the investment if we decision should be derived from the concrete analysis that does not rely on any sort of instruments for accuracy. Do not be astonished as it may sound contradictory to your existing belief in the community but some misconceptions guide the investors onto the wrong track.

Steps in finding the right financial company

Money is arguably the most powerful tangible item in the world today. This is because, with money, any tangible item in the world can be gotten. Some people see money as an item with which you can achieve anything in the world. A clause used to describe money that is becoming more popular by the day is that ‘any problem that money cannot solve, more money would solve it’. Thus, it is easy to see the high level of importance that has been accorded to money. Thus, people engage in different jobs to make money, with some having to work daily and for over 12 hours. Others would not mind doing anything to get money irrespective of how low they have to go to get the money. Cases of corruption have always arisen in severally every country in the world, with every country in the world having a lot of corrupt people. While some countries have made progress with putting in place strong legislation to fight corruption, some other countries continue to witness huge levels of corruption. Since finance companies are also run by individuals from different countries, with some being corrupt or having corrupt tendencies, it is important to know the reputation of the financial company you want to invest in as well as make sure you are choosing the right financial companies.

Get to know about financial companies
The first thing you want to do when you want to find the right financial company is to look for the financial companies that operate in your area and are also into the type of financial service you are interested in. This is considering there are financial companies that only provide loans, while others allow saving and loaning of money and there are yet, others that only provide mortgage financial services. Thus, you want to know which financial companies in your locality on online that cater to people in your country that provides the financial services you are interested in. Reviews website sometimes group their companies by category and thus, you could easily click on their finance category to find all the companies that provide finance-related companies.

Read reviews
The next thing you want to do is to read Finance company reviews to know the types of financial services that are offered by the company. In the process, you would also be able to find out how reliable they are and if they have the tendency of helping you lose money in one way or the other. Once you are satisfied with the reviews about the company, you can now visit their website.

Visit their website or local office
You could shortlist t3 companies that have mostly positive reviews, you can then visit their websites. Read more about them and their policies as stated by them. You don’t want a situation where you claim something you saw in a review was part of their service but it was not on their website or their brochure. You can subsequently patronize them through their online platform or visit their local office to ask further questions and begin a business relationship.

Top 3 promising industries for investment in 2020

Any investor in the UK worth their salt will be trying to work out which industries could do well in the coming year. This allows you to identify promising ones you expect to flourish early and invest in them to get the best return possible. Whether you are a business looking to invest in stocks or a private investor, this makes sense. But which are the hottest industries which could dazzle us in 2020?

Healthcare and pharmaceutical

On both domestic and global scales, the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector is set to be a tempting one for UK investors. This can be seen when looking at a country like China which is becoming increasingly keen to partner with Western drug companies. As well as a large population to run trials on, there is tight regulation by the CFDA (Chinese Federal Drug Administration) on Chinese companies who perform clinical trials. This makes it an attractive proposition for drug companies in the West looking to test out new products reliably and on a large scale before bringing them to market.

The net effect of global business like this could be more healthcare companies bringing new products to market and the people who invest in these companies achieving decent returns. Setting up hospitals and clinics have also become quite an investment, and processes like medical credentialing, billing & coding, help make this gargantuan endeavor easier. The other factor which could make this sector a wise investment choice in 2020 is that the world’s population is growing older. This means that businesses in this industry will experience a greater demand for their services.


Canny investors will know that 2019 was a great year for the technology sector with growth of 29.4% recorded. The good news is that 2020 looks set to continue this trend. The major reason for this prediction is that we simply live in a tech-driven world where the latest innovations or gadgets are important to people. You only have to look at how the Internet of Things (IoT) has blossomed in recent years to see this in action. This global demand for tech in business and personal life should be enough to see this sector and the businesses in it have another great 12 months.

Renewable energy

It is thought that around a third of UK investors surveyed by GraniteShares pick renewable energy as the industry they expect to have a great 2020. When you think about it logically, this makes sense after the increased attention that climate change received in 2019. The next 12 months could see companies in this industry experience more demand for their services and products. This in turn could not only bring investors in them profits but also create a feel-good buzz around the sector which will in turn attract more money into it. Do not be surprised if this is one industry which will make 2020 its own.

2020 looks set to be an exciting year

Now that investors have reviewed 2019 and how it affected their portfolios, a new year is the ideal time to make fresh plans. For many, this will involve hunting out promising sectors to invest in. If you are a UK-based investor looking to branch out, the above are some great choices to think about.

5 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting Business Finance

For many small and medium businesses, business finance can be their ticket to success. Additional finance can solve cash flow problems and may be used to enable growth.

There’s just one problem: business loans can be hard to secure, especially from banks. 

So if you need business finance, it’s a good idea to prepare your application in advance. To get you started, here are five ways to improve your chances of being approved for Business Finance. 

1. Build Your Credit Score

Most finance providers will take a look at both your personal and business credit score and history when reviewing your loan application. This means that if you’re planning on applying for a business loan in the future, you should start building your credit score now

Improve your credit score by paying bills on time and clearing as much old debt as possible. Being smart with a credit card, or even better a business credit card, can also bump up your credit score — make one-off purchases and pay your bill in full at the end of each month. 

2. Create a Thorough Business Plan

Finance providers will want to see that you have a plan in place for managing finances and initiating growth before providing finance, so before applying for financial support, you should have a thorough business plan

A business plan will give you a clearer idea of how to progress and will prove to lenders and finance providers that you have long-term plans and goals for your business. It also shows that you’ve considered how you will manage your funds and use it to improve your financial situation. 

Any finance provider that considers supporting your business, will first check that you’re worth investing in and that you’re a low-risk lendee. Proving that you can think ahead and manage your finances shows that you’re a good candidate for a loan or finance. 

3. Consider Alternative Finance

Banks can have low approval rates when it comes to business loans. If you don’t have the best credit rating or you haven’t been established for very long, it’s unlikely that you’ll be approved for a bank business loan. 

However, there are other business finance options you can consider. Alternative finance providers offer business finance with higher approval rates. Many alternative business finance providers will also consider your application based on more than just your credit score. They’ll take into account your business’ overall performance. 

4. Prepare the Right Documentation

Regardless of the finance provider you apply for a loan or finance from, they will usually ask you for certain documents before considering your application, and it’s worth having these ready before you apply. 

Make sure you have your business plan written up, your personal and business credit report, and any tax returns and bank statements. You may also need a list of your current and aged debtors and creditors. Most business finance providers will outline what documents you need on their website, so you can prepare these in advance. 

5. Only Apply for What You Can Afford

Finance providers have worked with hundreds of businesses, so they have a pretty good idea of how much finance businesses need to achieve their goals. If a finance provider suspects you might struggle with the repayment of a loan, they’ll reject your application. 

To give yourself the best chance of being granted a loan or finance, first think about what you can afford each month. Consider how much you need, what you’ll do with the funds and how long you want to spend repaying the loan. 

A longer loan repayment period can mean more affordable monthly instalments, which can give you the freedom to borrow more. If you’d rather spend less time repaying the loan, you’ll have to make larger monthly repayments. In this case, to keep costs down, you might need to consider borrowing less.

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