Seizing Control of the Means of Production

Depending on how you interpret it of course, there is a lot of power contained in the quote which is perhaps even somewhat of a cliché – “If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs!” True enough, but making the transition from working for someone else to matching the level of income to sustain your current quality of life through the pursuit of your own endeavours is one of the greatest challenges posed to the modern day human being. In fact, we could say it’s almost impossible, simply because many have tried and many continue to fail. Continue reading “Seizing Control of the Means of Production”

Four Ways How Networking Boosts Your Productivity

It’s widely acknowledged that to be truly successful in business; you need to be open to building a working and friendly network of people around you. Your network is a source of support and advice and will present you with myriad opportunities to collaborate and outsource some of your work when the going gets tough or when your demand increases beyond your resource capacity. All of these things dramatically boost your productivity. This article looks at the four main ways in which networking can be of productive use to you and your company as a whole.

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What you need to know before investing in the stock market

If you are an entrepreneur running your own business then achieving the highest levels of success possible is a natural goal. That striving to succeed could lead you to look for other investment opportunities not directly related to your company by investing some of your profits in other areas.

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3 Types of Air Compressors to Consider Trying

As an entrepreneur, you often end up learning about things that you never imagined you would. This could be anything from how to craft a winning ad to how to fix a leaking AC. The reality is, there are many things that you will learn about because the world of business is so vast, and you never know what to expect. If you happen to run a business that uses industrial tools, then you may have come across an air compressor at some point. Whether you need it to fill flat tires in your car workshop or to clean bricks at your construction company, it should be effective when used in the right way. Look at three basic types of air compressors that you should consider trying if the need arises. Continue reading “3 Types of Air Compressors to Consider Trying”

Visual merchandising: boosting your sales

House of Fraser may have taken a hit recently, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more opportunities to increase your sales.

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Waste removal needn’t be a chore for businesses or domestic homeowners, and is also an excuse to de-clutter as well as ensuring rubbish is recycled in an environmentally friendly way. Many people panic at the prospect of organising rubbish removal especially if there is a lot of it. However, with a systematic approach you can ensure that everything goes smoothly and different types of items are categorised correctly. Using a professional waste company will take a lot of the stress out of trying to remove rubbish single-handedly, and waste removal firms such as Waste Express offer an unbelievably fast and efficient service, often available the same day if required.

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Retail supply chain: pioneered by technology

It can’t be denied that technology is becoming of greater significance to the retail sector – especially with the world becoming more digitally driven each day. But how has it affected the supply chain specifically? Read on as we explore how technology has transformed and helped businesses maximise their supply chain efficiency, including making deliveries speedier and keeping up with fluctuating consumer demands. Continue reading “Retail supply chain: pioneered by technology”

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