Exploring the Corporate Marketing Industry

Corporate marketing is one of those industries which seem to operate under the radar. It’s a huge industry nevertheless, even though it appears to be hidden from plain sight. Basically how it works is that employed professionals with confirmed classifications into the appropriate salary brackets they fall make for a highly targeted demographic of potential clients with proven spending power. Continue reading “Exploring the Corporate Marketing Industry”

Exploring Forecast Fashion Industry Digital Trends with Mediaworks

In the true spirit of what our original mission and aim was all about, we bring you some invaluable, practical information that can really help you take your business to where you want it to be and where it has the potential to be. This time our focus is on the fashion industry, specifically targeting fashion retailers, brands and any key player presiding over any form of digital marketing within the fashion industry. Continue reading “Exploring Forecast Fashion Industry Digital Trends with Mediaworks”

Increasing the odds of customers buying your products

In the retail and ecommerce sectors of business, getting people to buy your products is obviously very important. If no one buys you products and all just browse your wares then you won’t be making much profit. To ensure do convert from prospects to customers, it is important that you make products appealing to incentivise people to buy them. The appeal can come from many different aspects like the visuals, the value or something completely detached from the product itself.   Continue reading “Increasing the odds of customers buying your products”

DLM – Should you go with traditional or digital marketing?

If you don’t have the budget to do both, it can be tough to decide what you need to focus on: traditional methods of marketing or digital. To help you make the decision, leaflet distribution specialist Direct Letterbox Marketing has provided us with some research on the types of industries that get the best results from different types of marketing. Find your industry from the examples below… Continue reading “DLM – Should you go with traditional or digital marketing?”

Top Tips for Growing Your Email List

Despite the emergence of instant messaging apps and social media, and the decline in emails for personal use, email marketing is still a powerful tool. It allows small businesses and new start-ups to use a low cost and effective way to communicate with their customers. Email is a great way to share information, engage an audience, and convert sales, but in order to do this you need to grow your email subscription list. Here are some of the best ways to do just that. Continue reading “Top Tips for Growing Your Email List”

Setting Yourself Apart

For all the good that it brings, the development of certain fields and markets to maturity has its own set of problems, such as an oversupply of qualified individuals looking to enter the same field or too many businesses with that focus popping up. If you’re trying to gain a formal qualification for a certain professional field – like law for instance – you pretty much have to go through the exact same channels as everyone else looking to do the same. Continue reading “Setting Yourself Apart”

Important Online Marketing Activities You Should Consider Outsourcing

Have you ever considered outsourcing some of the online marketing activities in your business? It’s often a cost-effective way to benefit from the services a wide range of highly qualified individuals can offer you. Below are some of the most important online marketing activities you should consider outsourcing. Continue reading “Important Online Marketing Activities You Should Consider Outsourcing”

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