If your business has a shiny new piece of software it wants to build or share, it needs to be tested. Setting aside a few hours or even a whole day to find any flaws with it can make a huge difference. Many companies don’t, however, have the time or people to do it themselves, which is where a little outside help comes in.

Hiring software experts to not only spot mistakes but fix them so that it’s safe and easy to use for your customers is worthwhile. Who, though, do you turn to? There are quite a few options out there for many different areas, from security to user experience.

Security Experts

For smaller businesses who may not have the budget to hire a full-time member of staff for their IT needs, a small investment in security software to guard against malware is worth every penny. It can scan your company’s computer network daily, offering real-time protection.

Such software should flag up any security flaws, which can then be acted upon swiftly by any IT worker you employ or anyone with experience of using it.


Any business. A devops service can help you to find any problems with software and fix them right away. They will test your software thoroughly before finding any flaws, their cause and working out a solution.

An example of this could be finding a hole through which hackers can take control of software. Using something like anti-malware software or two-step authentication, devops workers can fix it.

User Testing

For many websites, apps and pieces of software, extensive user testing is thoroughly recommended. Employing a digital agency to do this is recommended, although if you have a draft or beta version of your software, it’s possible to arrange your own user testing session.

To do that, you will need to invite a few people – staff, volunteers or, ideally, regular customers – to a venue. Then, using a variety of devices, invite them to use the software and be as honest as possible about what they think, asking for improvements. Afterwards, make those fixes based on their thoughts.

Accessibility Auditors

If you’re creating new software, it should meet strict accessibility guidelines. For websites, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are worth abiding by. If you’re unsure of how to abide by them, seek out accessibility auditors, who can measure how accessible your software is to different audiences, such as visually-impaired people and those with cognitive disabilities such as autism.

Should they say that it isn’t accessible, ask them what you can do to make it right. Then, you will have software that is usable to a wider range of people.

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