In a digital world, a digital presence is vital for a successful business.  Even a brick and mortar establishment that does not conduct e-commerce still needs a widespread online presence.  

People no longer use the Yellow Pages to find information on a new business.  Over 90 percent of consumers search for information on local businesses using the internet.  People use the internet to research companies before conducting business with them.  

If your business is nowhere to be found online, then you are not in the game.  The first step to boosting your company’s visibility is to design an efficient business website.  Here are a few helpful tips for self-starters looking to boost their business and become more visible online.  

There is no need to clutter up the design

The days of cramming every possible picture, video, decoration, and word into one page display are over.  There is no need to add useless clutter to your web design.  Keep it simple.  Keep it clean and concise.  It is business.  

Business websites that effectively utilize white space are easier to navigate.  It is quicker for visitors to find the information they seek when the page is not littered with popups and ads.  

Create engaging content that enriches the reader’s mind

One of the best ways to make your business site more visible online is to create a wide array of useful and engaging content.  Create a blog section of your business site, and post entries regularly, like this website has here.  

Use your blog as a platform to express, teach, and even learn.  Collecting loyal readers will spread your blog like wildfire.  Make sure not to forget to integrate the availability of social media share buttons to make it easier for your readers to share.  

Make your website easy to find

There are a few aspects of your business website’s design that will make your site more visible to Google’s search bots.  Here are a few examples of ways to make your site more visible.  

  • Declutter the design
  • Clear and creative content
  • Proper URL formulation
  • A well-designed sitemap
  • Proper saturation of relevant keywords

Mobile friendly sites are more successful

Google’s announcement of mobile-first indexing means that you would be pretty silly to pass on mobile optimization.  If your business site will not adapt well to mobile devices, then you need to figure out a way to fix the issue.  

A great majority of people utilize their mobile devices every day (several times per day) to research and browse the web.  If your website forces viewers to pinch and swipe, then an update should be in order.  

Communication should be a priority

Every business website needs a well developed “Contact Us” page.  Communication should always be a priority in business, and your website is no different.  Viewers should easily be able to find phone numbers, email addresses, or a simple contact form to quickly share their thoughts or complaints.  

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