Successful business can be brutally cold because business is competitive. For each success you’ve had in growing your customer base, another company or other companies will inevitably take a step back or even lose ground. Where do you start? What do you do when your competition has become too big and growing at a pace that’s faster than your company can keep up? This is why you need to research your industry before entering into its world. Luckily there are many online sites that can help you out, with tips and tricks of the trade, especially for entrepreneurs starting out. Just visit this site with insights from people like Andrew Sispoidis to help you along. Those who have been where you are now are the ones who can give you the best advice. However, it can also be simple, if you have your priorities straight, which is why we have listed those priorities here. So, keep reading because here are 11 quick and simple business tips to increase your competitive edge over your competitors and weather the storm of emerging new competitors in the marketplace.

Use Social Media – One of the best business tips out there for social media usage is to leverage it. If you’re using social media to engage prospects and drive business, then you’ll want to make sure you’re using all of the tools to track performance and measure results. You can use social metrics like Twitter’s ‘strength’ metric and Google Analytics to get a full picture of engagement and see which sites are seeing the most activity, where customers and connections are coming from, etc… If you don’t currently have a strategy for incorporating social media into your overall marketing plan, start building one today!

Long Term Goals Are Key – One of the most important business tips for first time entrepreneurs is to have a game plan. A game plan doesn’t mean that you need to know exactly what you’re going to sell one year from now (that’s a whole ‘nother article) but it does mean that you need to know how you’re planning on executing your business plan based on what you know today. The execution part is easy, just execute. So when you’re first starting out, create a game plan and stay focused on completing it. In the long run, planning and execution are far more important than knowing what you’re going to sell tomorrow.

Be Real – This is one of the most important business tips for first time entrepreneurs, period. In a world where selling is king (and if you’re not selling anything, you’re losing money) you’ll want to be real in how you promote yourself. If you’re promoting yourself as a new online business with a unique twist, be real while you do it. For example, give people a simple example, such as how you met your business partners, how your product or service solves a problem or creates a new opportunity for people. It also helps to be real in your approach, because no matter how good your pitch is if no one actually comes through your sales page, you’ve failed!

Don’t Make Mistakes – As difficult as starting your business may be, you’re going to make mistakes along the way. But the best business tips for first time entrepreneurs tell you to be prepared for these mistakes and to learn from them. So don’t be afraid to admit when you make a mistake. And do whatever you can to learn from those mistakes, no matter how big they are. If you avoid making mistakes, you won’t have to be afraid to take any risk at all.

Be Social – One of the best business tips for first time entrepreneurs is to start networking on social media networks before your business launch day. Use Facebook and Twitter, but also consider other niche media platforms that are related to your niche. Learn how to use social media tools to build an online reputation, both as a user and as a business. Use Facebook, for example, to announce events (such as the opening of your new store) and to build relationships with other niche entrepreneurs. Find out what others think of your brand and of your product or service, and use that feedback to improve your strategies moving forward. You can even take this networking opportunity to raise funds for your new venture.

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