Ever wonder if it is possible to have people become fans of your company? Like football teams, their fans even go as far as to bet on them in sites like Unibet. Do you think there’s a way to get a loyal customer base, not unlike the level of loyalty displayed by football fans, who will always bet on your company for the products and services you present? It turns out there is a way – good PR.

Good public relations are the lifeblood of emerging businesses. Having good PR can give you an edge compared to your rivals. Plus, it’s easier to advertise a brand from a company with good PR. Because of this, many companies pour millions into their PR department. You may be accused of “pandering to the crowd”, but as long as your clients like you and your intended clients have a good opinion about you, does anything else matter?

Maintaining good PR, however, can be quite daunting, especially in an era where the political alignment of a company seems to matter more than the quality of their products and services, which is why many companies choose to hire an agency to do the PR for them. Building your PR around a political alignment, however, isn’t a bad idea if your services are for the public in general, like Twitter or Facebook. But if you’re going to do it this way, you’ll be alienating a lot of people, which is something small businesses with specific customers should avoid. In the end, Facebook and Twitter cannot maintain positive PR when their credibility and competence are put into question.

Public relations, after all, is all about the audience. You can safely ignore the comments of those who you are sure won’t be your customers, which is why any effort appealing to them is wasted effort. Some will argue, however, that the state of “not being a potential customer” is not permanent. So some companies stay neutral, where they try to pander to as many people as they can through their merits. Casinos, for instance, continue with their public relations activities even if the feedback they get is positive or negative.

Building your reputation

While letting your business thrive, people will come and go with different opinions about your business. Building your reputation is important because this is usually what people will say about you and your business. A strong reputation cannot be tarnished by any gossip. You can control what people say about you. You can even use what they say about you to promote your business. Many businesses have done just that and post good things people say about them on their main website or on social media.

You’re free to use social media to promote yourself and build your reputation. You can even use it to present your company, your products and services, and yourself. If you decide on a promo or event, you may post this on social media and have your clients share it with others.

There are also other ways to build your PR, such as donating to charity, making and establishing unique products and services, and by holding events and promos. Knowing who your customers are helps in deciding what events you should hold.

Holding on to your reputation

After establishing a reputation, your next move is to maintain it. Many things can happen in business and being able to respond calmly and professionally to emergencies is a must. Being able to respond to an emergency in a way your customers like is also a huge plus, though it can also be seen as another pandering action. It’s very tiring at first but it is important for you to get used to it. After that, everything will just be “business as always”.

Image: Pixabay.com

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