Social Media platforms are an integral part of modern marketing for any business but in order to gain the most out of them, your business needs to build trust with potential customers. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter allow more or less anyone to set up a business page and therefore any company serious about promoting themselves on social media has to ensure they appear legitimate, reputable and trustworthy.


Verification is vital

Many social media sites include a verification feature which allows the pages of businesses or celebrities to include a badge of authenticity next to their name, for example the famous ‘blue tick’ on Twitter. This is essential for proving that your page is not only the real deal but genuinely represents the company it claims to. It used to be the case that a page would require thousands of followers to qualify for verified status but now, any company can acquire the badge by simply providing a few examples of evidence that you represent the company your page claims to.

Share your positive feedback

Customer reviews and positive experiences are a fantastic way to convince potential clients that your product or service can be trusted. A glowing testimonial can be shared on virtually any media platform and, if applicable, can include photographic evidence that internet users are more likely to engage with than a text-only review. Of course, sharing your positive feedback with people who already follow your page is, to some extent, preaching to the converted. Helpfully, your positive reviews can reach a wider audience of new customers if you incorporate them into your targeted ads, a method particularly useful on Facebook.

Including reviews in your social media ad campaigns can inspire consumer trust from the very beginning and if you aren’t sure how to best utilise Facebook advertising tools, Neil Patel has a useful guide on the subject.

Don’t be afraid to team up

Particularly if you’re a newly established business, associating with widely known and reputable figures of influence in your respective industry can be a great method of legitimising and promoting your company. Additionally, these partnerships can be an invaluable source of new potential customers who may have already registered an interest in your field of business. Establishing an endorsement from a celebrity, blogger or YouTube personality who is already a trusted figure in the realm of social media, or even the real world, can inspire customers who trust their brand to trust yours. The key here is to pick a figure that makes sense for your line of business, otherwise you’ll run the risk of the customer seeing straight through your campaign strategy and immediately losing interest.

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