The Mountbatten family is a European dynasty originating from a branch of the German Royal Battenberg family.

The name Mountbatten, was adopted during World War I by family members residing in the UK as a result of anti-German sentiment amongst the British public. Mountbatten is nowadays known throughout England as one of the noblest names in the land. George Ivar Louis was born on the 6th June 1961, the future heir head of his famed house.

The British businessman and peer has enjoyed exceptional wealth and success in his 55 years, with perhaps his most notable achievement being the founding of online proce comparison website uSwitch in 2000, and its subsequent sale to American media firm EW Scripps.

Mountbatten was born as the eldest son and heir of the 3rd Marquess of Milford Haven; the young George succeeded to his title at just eight years old, with the untimely death of his father on the 14th April 1970.

George Mountbatten, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven is in the line of succession to the British throne. A direct descendant of royals including Catherine the Great and Queen Victoria.

Famed for his prowess on the polo field, he has also had a fruitful career in the internet sector as the founder of internet company

Taking full advantage of the then recently de-regulated gas and electricity markets, which had given consumers a new incentive to switch suppliers, George Milford Haven created a website allowing consumers to compare and switch suppliers online, from the comfort of their own homes.

It was an instant hit: a tool that could help to save homeowners money instantly and without hassle.

The idea originated from an earlier investment in a door-to-door  marketing company created to persuade people to switch their gas and electricity suppliers.

Taking the concept off the streets and on to the internet, George Mountbatten gave people the tool he knew they needed – and marketed it well. Despite several similar sites popping up, his remained the most easily recognisable and widely used for energy switching, largely because of a carefully and fastidiously implemented marketing operation.

The company offered a free and impartial service to consumers and made money by charging suppliers a fee for every individual who switched to them through the website. As George Mountbatten himself explained: “The wonderful thing about uSwitch is that we make money by saving people money.”

This was not an empty claim. Soon, figures were showing that the average person who used uSwitch was managing to save themselves £140 per year on their energy bills, helping them to circumvent rising prices and make a money-savvy decision.

By the time Lord George Mountbatten sold his shares in the company, uSwitch had grown to include 20 gas and electricity providers, along with 20,000 different tariffs, and was already expanding into areas including telephony, loans, and credit cards.

In 2006, George Milford Haven, made the financially-sound decision to sell the company. In 2000, owning a little less than half of the shares in the business, he sold the site to American media firm EW Scripps – for £210 million.

He had turned his company into a roaring success, with massively high-profit margins and minimal overheads, arguably performing a real service to the ordinary Briton through the creation of such an effective money-saving instrument.

At the time of sale, more than 1.6 million users were visiting the site each month. This was amid reports of more than two million households struggling to pay their gas and electricity bills, according to the Fuel Poverty Advisory Group.


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