Serviced offices provide virtually everything a start-up business or sole entrepreneur could need from a workspace. They can give an air of prestige, an image of professionalism, and can also help to keep overall running costs down. What’s more, strategic use of serviced offices means that the businesses that use these buildings can even group together and create a formidable strategic partnership.

The serviced office market has grown considerably in recent times, and not only in London where a Landmark PLC blog post states that supply of this type of office space has increased 67% in the past ten years. The serviced office phenomenon is global, with major cities across the globe realising a sharp increase in this type of arrangement; this is potentially great news for fledgling businesses and sole proprietors.


A serviced office is essentially a pop-up office. If you find that your business has outgrown your spare room, or the first cramped office that you paid for, then you can move into a new serviced space almost as soon as you sign the paperwork. There’s no need to wait for furniture to be delivered, or decorating to be completed. You can simply move your items, your files, and any employees you have straight in.

In many locations, a small business would struggle to be able to afford or even find an office of their own that includes additional features like breakaway rooms, cafeterias, meeting spaces, and media rooms, but most serviced locations provide access to these and more, as and when they are needed.

Not only will you have the room that you need, but you will be able to impress potential clients. Appearance is important, and while you may be a small business that is perfectly able to complete work, meet contracts, and finish projects, there is likely to be some resistance from potential clients if they believe that you are a one-person operation. Serviced offices give the appearance of size and professionalism, while modern and feature-packed office buildings can even give your organisation a sense of prestige that SMEs might not be able to afford any other way.


Business centres that offer this type of arrangement do not usually require that you sign a long-term contract, either. You can try out a new office layout, or even open a new branch in a different city at a moment’s notice and without having to commit to a year or more before you have any idea of whether the venture will be a success. Serviced premises really could help turn your small business into a strategic and beneficial one, and with demand for this kind of working arrangement only set to increase, it might be time for your business to step on board, too.

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