Cutting corners to save money while managing a restaurant could be difficult. After all, you cannot compromise with the quality of your food and service or your customers may find a better place. However, there are some clever ways to make you spend lesser money on your restaurant and get better value too. We talk to The Plastic People to give you details on how to save money.

Save energy

Go for the biggest spenders first. Energy is often a huge culprit in raising spends at restaurants. Just changing your lightbulbs could be helping you save more energy in the years of com. An energy saving lightbulb usually costs more but it could save £15 every year. Even if you change only 10 bulbs in your restaurant, you can count on a saving of £150 or even more.

Now, let’s understand how to save more energy. Energy efficient bulbs cost about 50p for each hour of electricity used. If you don’t switch bulbs on unnecessarily, you will save a lot of money. The bulb in the storage room of an average restaurant could cost £2,000 per year. You don’t want that kind of expense in your restaurant. So, switch the lights on only when necessary, whether it is your storage room or the toilet. This could save you from spending too much and ensure that you are not paying an unnecessarily high cost for power.

Make sure that there is ample access to sunlight in your restaurant. You can even change the setting of your retardant to make more sunlight enter your premises. Upon doing this, it will be easier to save energy costs and most of the restaurant will be lighted by free sunlight. Train your staff to employ habits like using dishwashers only when full and using hot water only when necessary. If you are ready for a major change, then replace the faucets and toilets with the low flow varieties. It will save water for your restaurant as well.

Change your menu

The menu of the retardant is the heart and soul of its business. However, some small changes to the menu could help you in creating better profits. US researchers found that an average restaurant can save $1000 by changing the position of items on the menu. Most people stop somewhere in the middle of the page and buy dishes listed there. Add your more profitable dishes in this space and you could earn a handsome income.

Moreover, you can also think about removing dishes that are ordered less frequently by the customers. Look for cheaper options for these dishes as well. Sometimes, you can add the dishes with more expensive ingredients as chef’s special for the day, instead of adding it to your menu. This could help in saving costs for you and people may be more interested in a chef’s special.

A great table cloth hack

Changing table cloths after each customer leaves can be tricky. You will have to change bring in new table cloth each time and it would be making your washing bills go high as well. A better option in this case is to use Perspex sheets. These acrylic sheets can be cut and fit to size and remove the expense of buying tablecloths every few months and washing them every day. If you are a fast-food joint or serve finger foods to the customers, then these sheets could be very profitable for you. These sheets have a glistening surface which can easily be cleaned with plain water or soap water. They will remove many unnecessary buying and washing expenses forever.

Reducing food waste

Spoilage and food waste can be avoided to reduce costs for a business. Spoilage alone is responsible for 21% food waste in the UK. That is equivalent to 21% of your food ingredient expenses getting wasted without ever being used. Some food waste is completely unavoidable and costs a restaurant 97p per meal. However, you should not let this cost rise. Look back at how you stock your ingredients and even change the way your meals are presented in order to avoid waste.

34% of the waste in restaurants comes from the customers’ portion sizes a major problem with many restaurants. So, make sure that you keep an eye on average consumption and change your serving portions accordingly. You can also include a children’s portion which can help in saving food wastage. You may even think about including a ‘medium’ portion along with a typical small and large, to accommodate people with a different appetite.

Be available online

Your online presence is important to establish you as a restaurant. People are searching for restaurants in their area online and you should be available to show that you can satiate their taste buds. You should start by listing yourself in local business directories of Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is not all. You should also be using social media very actively and engaging with your users. This will help you in getting more traffic to your restaurant. You should also have a website, listing great customer experiences, some pictures, your menu and much more.

You should also ask your customers to check-into your restaurant so that more people in their circles know that they were here. Provide them great customer service on chat and calls and ensure that they are able to book a table in advance as well. These are small but useful steps in creating a better rapport with your audience and ensuring that they stay loyal to you.

Most people will also leave reviews about your restaurant on Facebook, Yelp and TripAdvisor. Encourage positive reviews and ensure that negative reviews are properly catered to. The first 6-12 reviews about your restaurant will help the users decide whether they want to visit your restaurant or not. So, make sure that you take the steps necessary for making your restaurant more popular. This would be helping you gain more customers, make more sales, get more revenue and making your business more popular than ever.

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