In navigating a complex business world, it’s good to have a guide.  Not in a traditional sense, like a sherpa, or someone to tell you the answer to every question, but a reliable source of information (person, website, etc.) to help put you on the right path or clear up murky decision-making waters.  Because businesses don’t operate in a vacuum, not mine, and assuredly not yours.  You need to be aware of the economic climate, yes; interest rates, corporate tax rates in your state, other payroll expenses and deductions, and many many more.  But you also need to be aware of the market that you serve, and to do that means understanding people.


            People are complex.  We are emotional and erratic and rarely logical.  We buy things that we don’t need and run counter to our long-term best interests, making us, by definition, irrational creatures.  When you combine this truth with the complex nature of financial matters, we’re left with very murky waters indeed.  These are only challenges, however. With the right sources of information you can navigate the waters effectively.

            Once you have a strategy identified, however, you still have to overcome the challenge of leveraging your resources effectively.  Say you run a restaurant, and you want to provide sharp, yet practical uniforms for your waitstaff, and for your weekend afternoon shifts want to go with a more casual look.  Maybe a nice polo emblazoned with your restaurant’s logo?  Or perhaps you want to outfit your shop with new security cameras after several local businesses dealt with break-ins.

            Businesses have expenses, but it’s important to spend wisely and to only cut costs where possible.  For instance, the shop you want to outfit with security cameras need not be up to the Kremlin’s standards, but should also be reliable and function efficiently.  It’s important to cut costs without cutting corners.  For these situations, we recommend services like Groupon Coupons.  Coupons is a free service that provides coupons to heaps of retailers and service providers at which you already shop.  For your polo needs, you can find deals on Nike products.  For your camera equipment needs, perhaps Curry’s can help you.

            Many small businesses fail. That’s the unfortunate reality.  But if you’re one of the few that are realizing success, maximize that success by not overspending on the things that you need.  That could be the difference between seeing red and black ink in your books.

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