The answer to the question of whether or not robots are coming for your job is both “yes” and “no,” and it all depends on what your job is. By the time the year 2025 comes around will your job still be relevant? Will your role need to have evolved or changed completely?

The truth is that yes, robots are likely coming for your job, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What it means is that you’ll no longer have to mess things up with your human inefficiencies, which granted is more of a cynical way of looking at it, but on the flip side it means that things will be done in the most efficient way possible as a result of machines or bots which are purpose built for such tasks.

Look, since the Industrial Revolution there were undoubtedly lots and lots of opportunities created by way of jobs which have given people the opportunity to put food on the table, but for a very long time we seem to have generally lost our way as a society. Too much emphasis seems to be directed at the wrong place, which is the process of making money and maximising profits. Consequently things are no longer about efficiency, i.e. the big multinationals which are driven by greed don’t enter into the agricultural industry to produce more food for the masses in a healthier and cheaper way, but rather look towards GMOs just so that they can maximise profits.

There is indeed a push-back from more well-meaning people in positions of power in some key industries, so what is somewhat of a digital revolution isn’t all bad. For the most part it’s great as its manifestation in a more digitised workplace environment is more about efficiency than anything else. In other words, if as part of your job you’ve had to complete a boring, tedious and repetitive task which crushes your soul and wastes your mental resources then you won’t have to anymore. There’ll be some kind of automated bot for that, which will likely be hooked up to some machine-learning capabilities so that it can deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We mere mortals will be elevated to higher decision-making roles, such as coming up with investment strategies and the likes. Additionally we’ll perhaps be able to enjoy higher job satisfaction by being able to assume more creative roles and others which challenge our intellect and have us actually enjoying our jobs.

So as much as robots are indeed coming for our jobs, it’s a good thing.

The robotic revolution has already begun though and it’s nothing to be scared about. The business phones provided by TalkTalk Business you’re likely already using are already laying the groundwork for what’s to come, with the extensibility built into them. If you’re thinking about up-skilling yourself in preparation for the coming robotic revolution then you could perhaps start with learning how to code maybe so that you can be part of the production market for all the tech which is to revolutionise workplaces of the future.

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