Success rarely comes easily. It is very rare to meet an entrepreneur who sets up their first business and becomes a success. The vast majority have tried multiple ways of making money before they are successful.

For this reason tenacity and the ability to work hard, and get back up and try again after a failure are important qualities that you find in most successful businessmen and women.

The business journey of  Reuben Singh illustrates this well. From an early age, Reuben showed signs that he had this spirit.

His mother and father were the owners of a huge wholesale fashion business called Sabco. They built up the business from literally nothing. Naturally, they wanted their son to have the best so he had access to a good education at the prestigious William Hulme Grammar School in Manchester.


Rather than focus only on his education and having a good time the young Reuben took the opportunity to learn about business from his family. At 13, he travelled to East Asia with his mother to source and buy fabrics in bulk. By the time, he was 16 he was running the sales department for Sabco and was earning his own money.

When his parents gave him a £40,000 car for his birthday he handed the keys back. A remarkable move for a 17 year old that had a passion for cars.

He wanted to make it on his own, and he did. Reuben was such a successful businessperson that he made his first million very soon afterwards. The Guinness Book of Records listed him as Britain’s Youngest Self-Made Millionaire. By 1998, he had amassed a £27.5m fortune. Bear in mind that he made that money with a real world business and not a digital product, and it is a remarkable achievement.

His first business was a retail chain that sold girls’ accessories called Miss Attitude. The first store opened in the Manchester Arndale Centre. More stores soon followed and he opened dozens of stores while he was still studying for his A-levels, juggling his work, school and personal life with alacrity. That successful business was sold in 1999.


From there Mr Singh went on to form several other businesses. He pulled them all together under the umbrella of the “Reuben Singh group of Companies”. They were a varied group of firms operating in the currency trading, property development, construction and retail sectors. Running such a varied portfolio of new companies was challenging to say the least. Naturally, some of these businesses were successful, but others failed.

These failures did not put Reuben off or slow him down. Instead, he took a deep breath and re-focused growing those businesses in his portfolio that were successful. His focus was a call answering and back office service for SMEs called alldayPA.

The award-winning firm was founded in 1999. At first, the company grew slowly, but over the course of 16 years, they have handled 111 million calls for more than 23,000 clients.

AlldayPA has a good reputation and is one of the few firms on TrustPilot to have a five out of five rating from 90% of their customers. Today, Reuben Singh is once again heavily involved in the business filling the post of Chief Executive Officer. In September 2014, the firm opened their new £5m headquarters in Salford and are now embarking on a £2.5m sales drive.

Mr Singh’s story illustrates how important it is to keep going. Even if some businesses fail, others will succeed.


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