It took a trip to South Africa for me to witness something quite fascinating after a booking mix-up at the hotel I was to be staying in had me couch-surfing for the first time in my life. I really never imagined I’d ever have to use so-called couch-surfing platforms to organise even some last-minute accommodation, but I’m kind of glad to have had the experience which led me to spend a full day in the life a full-time sports bettor.


The chap on whose “couch” I was crashing actually had a spare room in  his suburban apartment he lives all alone in and I had such a good experience on what was meant to be the only night I stayed there that I decided to extend my stay for another night. So anyway, it became very apparent that he didn’t lead an ordinary life, waking up “naturally” as he says, when he’s all out of sleep and then catching up on the latest sports news over some breakfast which looks like it took a lot of careful planning to put together.

There’s what looks like somewhat of a “hallway room,” which isn’t exactly a room with four walls and a door, but rather a sectioned-off portion of the passage littered with about six or seven screens against the wall and what looks like the computer set-up of a day trader on a desk just below the six wall-mounted screens. He switched the computer’s power button and about four monitors came on at the same time, one of which revealed more sports news through a site called sbobet. All of this followed the inevitable question which he seems to have been anticipating, that being just “What do you do?”

So he’s a full-time sports bettor and makes some really good money betting on football mainly, so he explained that the money he gets from providing casual accommodation doesn’t really make a difference, which is why it’s surprisingly cheap to “couch-surf” at his pad. He loves the company of international guests particularly, so he lets out his spare room for couch-surfers purely for the company.

I suppose it really helps that he clearly harbours a deep-running passion for sports, so analysing odds the whole day and keeping up with all the sports news seems like it’s all part of the fun.

It just so happened to be a UEFA Champions League night on the next night I stayed over, so I saw this full-time sports bettor’s life in full swing! From a spreadsheet which iterates through the possible winning odds and permutations, to some physical wager tickets that were all filled in manually, one-by-one. He’s strategy he says is to focus on the least likely outcomes of those otherwise “sure-fire” bets, like if Barcelona loses or draws he celebrates especially hard, not because he’s a Real Madrid fan or that he’s anti-Barca, but rather because he knows that if he picked the right combination of outcomes on the night a team like Barcelona loses, his winnings will be huge due to a limited number of other bettors choosing such an outcome with their wager tickets.

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