Packing up your possessions and relocating to a new home is something that most people will go through in their lifetime. This experience can bring on a variety of emotions, from excitement to heartbreak. The feeling that we can all relate too is the grief of packing your whole life into a few boxes and into the back of a truck.


Moving can be a stressful time for even the most tranquil of people. The thought of a new job, new house and new life can be too much at times. Before we give you our 7 Rules make sure to checkout “The Ultimate Moving House Checklist” here to get you started:

The Master Plan: List and Record

By far the most important rule we will tell you about today, the “Master Plan” is a must for any relocation project. Take a notebook or an exercise and write everything down for your own benefit.

The whole moving process should have its own timetable with a clear beginning and end. Each stage of your plan should have a timeframe as well as a to-do list.

This is the ultimate moving handbook that is created both by and for you. It is a place where you can keep all your thoughts clear and organized, even if your house isn’t. This is where you will keep track of information such as:

  • Important to-do lists
  • Need to clean lists
  • Keeper items
  • Throw away and give away items
  • Moving schedule/timetable
  • Most importantly this is where you will keep track of your six other fundamental rules for the perfect pack and move

List and Categorize 

One of the biggest benefits to moving is getting to start fresh. A new house can quickly become a warm welcomed sanctuary away from your cluttered home. A move always brings to light which items we “need” and the items we merely “want”. Decluttering your home before leaving is always up there on a movers’ to-do list.

One crucial step that comes before cutting your clutter is making a list and categorizing items. Through the years we accumulate many unwanted gifts, on-sale purchases and upgraded versions of most of the items we have in our house.

This is where putting items into a category comes in handy. There’s no need to pack away 3 DVD players when you only need 1. You’ll be greatly surprised on the amount of unnecessary items you have laying around in the spare room or basement.

Damage Control: Declutter

Decluttering your possessions can be a very emotional time for some people but it can also be a breath of fresh air for others. Less possessions means less stress, less debt, less stuff to organize, less to clean and more energy and time to spend on things you enjoy. So yes, less can be good but it’s only works if Decluttering is done as a team.

It’s ok to throw out things that you’ve valued in your past, it’s all apart of growing up. But throwing away other peoples possessions is a big red flag! It’s just common courtesy to discuss with everybody involved before you throw away something you can’t get back.

For 10 great tips on to easily declutter your home, check out:

Assign Roles and Stick to Them

We all have different skills that can be utilized when it comes to moving houses and this is why it’s important to assign roles and stick to them. There’s no point in having all hands packing boxes in the same room, because you will promptly get in each others way causing more confusion.

The best thing to do is sit down and evaluate what each person is most productive doing. One person may be a quick and efficient box packer, while another could be good at organizing and recording. You could have people who are cleaning and renovating instead of packing the wrong items into the incorrect box. You could also have a person who was in charge of taking care of all the tasks located outside of the house, such as cancelling bills or picking up supplies.

Proper Packing

Most of the proper packing comes down to having common sense. You don’t pack your new flat screen TV in the same box as your leaky cleaning products. Just as well as you don’t pack your fine china in the same box as your tool belt.

Labeling the boxes accurately will come in handy for a future step. So make sure ALL boxes are listed by item and room. This will save a lot of time when you begin the dreaded task of unpacking.

There’s a great difference between packing and intelligently packing. Instead of buying supplies to keep your breakables unbroken, you can use clothes and other items to make sure everything makes it to your new house safely.For 33 of the best packing tips when moving checkout:

Designate a Holding Area

While most of your house will look like a war zone, it’s vital to keep one room designated as “the last to go”. It sounds pretty depressing but in the end it will benefit your moving strategy.

This holding area acts as a room to store all boxes that are packed. This keeps your house looking somewhat organized and keeps all the boxes in the same area. This causes much less stress as well as fewer stubbed toes.

This room will be the last to be packed away, which allows for an escape from all the craziness that comes with moving. Sick of looking at your gutted out house? Well take a quick break in the only room that has stayed untouched! For more great tips and moving advice, visit:

Don’t Hesitate to Bring in the Professionals 

When you think about strangers coming into your house to handle your personal belongings it can feel kind of strange. That’s a normal response to the situation but these guys are called professionals for a reason. In the old days a couple big men would show up to move your furniture and that would be the last you seen of them. With the quality of service that is guaranteed by moving companies these days, you will have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Of course, the big guys still show up and do their thing. They break down some items and move all the heavy furniture. They also outline a “Master Plan” of everything that is requested of them and a time table of when it will be done. One other big selling point for these professionals is when you hire them, all your items are protected under their “movers’ insurance”. If that doesn’t take the stress out of moving, I’m not sure what will! For more details on UK removal services, visit:

Unpack in the Correct Area

With all the great tips we’ve gave you already I’m sure this one may sound a little silly but it will be quite important in the end. After all the moving has been done and the old house has been left behind. It’s time to think about UN-packing instead of just packing. Each box should be stored in the correct room it will be used for. It just makes it much more convenient to have all the right items already placed in the right room.

Hopefully after reading this article you feel more confident about the whole moving process. You should make note of every rule that we discussed but if you are planning to only take away one lesson from today it’s don’t skip on the “Master Plan”. It’s like trying to do a book report without even reading the book!



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