You might think that giving away promotional items isn’t worth the cost. After all, you’re paying for items that are then given away without any direct promise of future business. However, there’s more than one reason why promotional items remain a popular branding opportunity. When you get right down to it, the studies more than support the use of promotional items.

Here are just 6 statistics showing how effective promotional items can be.

  1. Brand Recall

You clearly never want your brand to be forgettable, so you should be pleased to know that 66% of participants in one study claimed they could recall the brand on a certain promotional product even 12 months after being given it.

  1. ROI

Return on investment is probably going to be your biggest concern if you’re already worried about the cost of giving out promotional items. You might be convinced when you hear that the ROI associated with promotional products is higher than the ROI associated with radio and outdoor advertising. It’s also equal to TV and print.

  1. Longevity

Think your promotional items will be binned as soon as possible? Nope – 87% of participants in one study reported keeping a promotional item longer than a year.

  1. Impression

People who have a good impression of your business are obviously more likely to approach you in the future. Of all participants surveyed during one study, 56% said their impression of a company improved after receiving a branded promotional item.

  1. Returns

Before getting their promotional product, 55% of participants had done business with the advertiser. After getting their promotional product, 85% of participants did business with the advertiser. Hard to argue with those numbers.

  1. Impressions

Not all promotional items are created equal, so those yet to decide should keep in mind that, with nearly six thousand impressions, branded bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product.

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